10 Best Google AdSense Alternatives For Nigerian Bloggers 2019

Do you got Rejected or banned from Google AdSense ? Don’t worry, In this article, I have covered some of the best Google AdSense Alternatives which you can use to make money even if google AdSense disapproved or banned your AdSense account

So, rise up, be proactive and act professional! There’s no time to waste.google adsense alternative

Every day, hundreds and thousands of AdSense accounts are banned from the system. The reason is often the most “unknown”. Of course, the most frequent reason is that of “Click Fraud“, or that of “Announcement placed strategically to make the user / ad click by mistake too close to the text, …”. The truth is that you will never be told the exact reason why your site has been banned by AdSense (as well as, when you receive a penalty for “unnatural links”, Google will never tell you what links it thinks unnatural ).

NOTE: if you get banned by AdSense, knowingly or unknowingly, you’ve violated one of the rules of the TOS (Term of Services) of Google adsense.

The reaction you get when you get your AdSense ban is to feel frustrated and think you’ve lost the only chance of Making money on the internet. In reality, the web is full of alternatives that you can try (yes, tests are essential to find the network that works best for you), there will be networks that will perform better, networks that will perform worse.

Probably, in many sectors, if you want to make money on a pay-per-click basis, unless you have a very large number of visits, you will not find any network that beats Google AdSense (pay per click). But do not forget that, in addition to Pay per click, there are online affiliations

In this article I will give an overview of some of the systems / alternatives that work better all over the world.

Best Google AdSense alternatives 2019

Below you will find a list of networks that you can try to get back to monetizing your website without using Google AdSense (by the way, you can earn online without google AdSense ), if you want to report other networks / systems you can leave your comment to this article.


It is generally recommended for sites that have adult / eros themes. For more information on Exoclick you can read the article ” Earning with Exoclick “.


I discovered Vibrant thanks to an email received on Monetizing directly from an account manager. It is a network that offers contextualized ads through hyperlinks within the contents of the website. Pay CPM / CPC with very high values, in my opinion really very interesting, too bad that, for the Italian market, not many campaigns are available (and therefore sometimes are not shown contextualized ads). It’s still a great way to round up because we will not have to allocate banner space but we will only use the text of our articles.


Linkwelove - Make money with related articles
Linkwelove – Make money with related articles

LinkWeLove allows you to place a “Related Content” style widget that contains sponsored links. Pay 0.08 euro cents per click. CTR ranging from 2 to 5% depending on the type of integration you will do. It can be used together with AdSense and there are no particular decreases in clicks on AdSense, so the two systems can live together without cannibalizing each other. It ‘a Pay Per Click system that allows you to generate interesting revenue if used properly.

Teads (ex eBuzzing)Teads Google adsense alternative

It allows you to insert innovative advertising formats such as Interstitial or inRead (the video that appears halfway through the content and only activates if the user approaches that space with the mouse). In my opinion the performance of some of the formats offered by Teads is still too low compared to the “invasiveness” of some formats (such as the mobile footer, for example). Also interesting is the opportunity to participate, sporadically , in “article campaigns” that are paid between 40 and 60 euros.

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Olihargon (Beta) / Ex Heyos

Olihargon alternative AdSense?
Olihargon alternative AdSense?

Olihargon (Beta) / Ex Heyos

Of Olihargon I spoke recently in an article about Monetizing for a short test I did. An interesting platform for the data it offers, but at the revenue level it’s still too much, too much, too low.


Plavid adsense alternative
Plavid adsense alternative

With its video seeding, blogger engagement and social share services you can publish campaign links on your social channels, publish videos on your site and earn money for each view, write sponsored posts and receive a fixed fee for your business.  Receive payment via PayPal / Bank Transfer. Threshold of 20 euros for individuals and 100 euros for companies.

The alternatives reported by American sites as the best available:

Revenue Hits

Revenue HitNot as good as AdSense. We are not as good as AdSense, but we are better than all the other alternatives. This is the first sentence that you read by visiting the RevenueHits site. The payout is 20 dollars and the forms of payment available are PayPal, Wire or Payoneer. I saw a couple of banners available and the campaigns are quite varied, I think that Revenue Hits is suitable for those sites that have traffic from US / UK or more generally in English.


It is a pay per click network that allows you to earn through contextualized adv and inserted directly on specific keywords (keywords) present on your website. Your pages are indexed and to the text on your pages are automatically inserted hiperlinks when there are keywords related to the advertisers. The payment is made through PayPal, Bank Transfer, Payoneer to reach the payout of $ 50. It is recommended for websites that work in English, Spanish, French and German.


It is a platform that allows you to earn money with videos (creating video and video reviews in which to insert advertising). Payout is $ 100, ideal for video makers.

Juice Adv

This is a Pay per click and Pay per impression system that only accepts sites that have at least 2000 visits per day. It is considered a valid alternative to AdSensefor medium to large sites that have been banned from AdSense or have too low a return with AdSense.

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Also used in Italy. If you want to enter the market of direct sales of advertising space within your website and you do not know how to find customers, BuySellAds can do for you (even this system works very well in the US / UK and is still little exploited, to my opinion, in Italy). BSA (BuySellAds) pays 75% of the revenue generated by each advertising space.


qadabra alternativa adsenseIt is a performance based network. Simple to use, it allows you, like many other networks, to take your banners in different formats (including pop-ups) and place them on your website. It offers international customer service and payments are made upon reaching $ 20 via PayPal or Payoneer. For the bank transfer, on the other hand, the 500 dollars of commissions must be reached.


Very similar to AdSense (this also works very well in America, I’ve been testing it for a couple of days on Monetizing), allows you to customize ads and show only contextualized ads . You can even use it with Google AdSense (but in our case, probably, we have already received the ban from AdSense), pay through PayPal to reach $ 10 or by check to reach $ 50. To register, go to ” Chitika Registration “.

Tribal Fusion

It is a large network that works exclusively CPM with sites that have large amounts of traffic (500,000 unique visits per month required). Excellent alternative to work with sites that can generate a lot of traffic (perhaps from social networks).

Propeller Ads

One of the largest pop-unders network in the world. Excellent CPMs offered, this network works very well with some specific niches, namely: video / film, games, dating, finance, software, entertainment, gambling. Some overseas say that Propeller Ads can generate more revenue than AdSense if used effectively. 30 day payments, great for those with low traffic from India, Singapore, Turkey, South Africa. Also have a minimum payout of 25 dollars per month. Sign up as a Publisher with Propeller Ads herePropellerAds
And you want to add some other networks? Leave your comment on Monetizing, or share this article on social networks!

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