I’m MacDonald, I started my career online years back with little to no knowledge of it. I was surprise at my non-technical self that I started having interest more in the technical aspect of blogging than the writing part. After several years and many desperate questions from other non-technical types, I began teaching others how to start a blog.

That was nearly 3 years ago and so many things has been evolving round since then. Working for myself without restriction has allowed me to excel in all areas at a rapid pace. I have researched, built and developed  over 15 websites in the past 3 years while expanding and developing my skill.

Why I Setup This Blog

I decided to setup this blog to share my own learnings and to provide quality advice and tutorials to those who need it. The ones who want to live differently, The ones who want to live on their own terms but aren’t sure where to start.

Here at Mackiestdon my main aim is to help numerous individuals to become their own boss via the internet. This is done by becoming financially independent first, and then experiencing the true meaning of life.

Many people thinks that blogging is all about writing content for people to come and read but it’s not always the truth. If you can combine your hard work and smart work you can make a living from your blog.