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20+ Best Traffic Exchange Website in 2024 (Manual & Auto Surf)

Are you looking for the best traffic exchange website in 2024?  If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. It’s time to spend some time on this article. I have mentioned some of the best auto and manual surf traffic exchange programs.

After reading this article, you’ll be able to choose the best traffic exchange website for yourself according to your requirements and needs. I’m giving you a list of the top 20 traffic exchange sites along with their features and benefits so it’s easy for you to find what you really want.

Let’s start…

What is Traffic Exchange?

Traffic Exchange is a free traffic-generating tool that allows you to get targeted visitors to your blog or website. It’s like a tool for obtaining specific, targeted traffic to your site. It’s the ideal approach to acquire search engine optimized (SEO) traffic instantly and of high quality.

Traffic from traffic exchanges can be a very good source of free human visitors to your website or blog. These are generally real people looking for whatever you have to offer, and they’re interested in helping you promote your site and making some extra money by viewing ads on your site after they visit it.

How Do Traffic Exchange Websites Work?

Traffic exchange is a means of getting free traffic to your website. This traffic exchange website enables you to view other people’s websites and ads as they also view yours, usually for free.

In a nutshell, members of a network agree to visit one another’s websites and spend a pre-determined amount of time there. The hit ratio is an element of the agreement that shows the amount of traffic your website gets while you’re visiting other sites.

These members can also use credits as they participate in banner advertisement exchanges. Thus, the traffic exchange sites can allow members to increase hit ratios, earn credits, or purchase membership upgrades.

Benefits of Traffic Exchange Website

1. Free Website Traffic: If you want free traffic to your blog or website, the best way is to choose a traffic exchange website that will provide you with free and targeted traffic. You wouldn’t have to pay anything, making it the cheapest and fastest option for getting quality traffic on your site.

2. Instant Traffic: The best thing about working with traffic exchange websites is that they provide instant targeted traffic to your website. You’ll get a good amount of visitors within a few hours of starting the campaign.

3. High Retention Rate: The retention rate of visitors from this source is generally high, which can provide you with real value for money spent on campaigns. It’s because they are interested in your website content, so they tend to stay there for a longer duration of time.

Types of Surfing Methods in Traffic Exchanges

There are two main types of Traffic Exchanges: Manual Surf and Auto Surf.

1. Manual Surf Traffic Exchange: This type of exchange allows you to click on other members’ ads and websites manually. The system uses some anti-cheat methods to ensure that people don’t cheat on this system. Therefore, you need to wait until the required time elapses to move to the next site.

2. Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange: This is a system that runs automatically and can easily earn hits and credits. Auto surfing requires an application that has a timer. Thus, the auto surf application will visit other sites as the timer provided by the traffic exchange site monitors these movements and the time spent on each website.

Pros and Cons of Using Traffic Exchange Sites


  • Traffic exchanges increase overall web traffic to your website.
  • Other network members add your website link to their site.
  • You don’t have to contact the website owners for traffic exchanges since that is the work of the traffic exchange website.
  • The network will offer you customized services since it is skilled at internet advertising technologies and SEO.


  • The manual surf method requires a lot of time
  • Although traffic exchange will drive traffic to your website, there is no guarantee that this will translate into increased sales.
  • The traffic is not targeted; thus, the value of that generated traffic is zero since it’s only junk traffic.
  • Google AdSense frowns at this type of traffic, and you are of getting your account disabled.
  • An increased bounce rate affects your SEO negatively since each visitor is bound to stay for less than thirty seconds.

20+ Best Traffic Exchange Websites In 2024

Here’s a list of the best traffic exchange programs that are currently functioning and will continue to do so in 2024.

  1. Youlikehits – The best traffic exchange website
  2. Leadsleap – Best free traffic exchange Site
  3. Rankboostup – Best auto traffic exchange sites
  4. TrafficSwarm
  5. TrafficG
  6. Otohits
  7. Herculist
  8. Hitleap
  9. EasyHits4U
  10. eBesucher
  11. Trafficsend
  12. Autowebsurf
  13. 10KHits 

1. Youlikehits

Youlikehits traffic exchange website

Youlikehits is regarded as the best traffic exchange website in 2024. It is a reputable traffic exchange that uses reliable software. You likehits, received a fairly high ranking from the majority of the algorithms.

This traffic exchange may help you grow your social media following on many platforms. The idea is straightforward: you earn points for doing things (such as watching a video or following someone ).

Your points can be used to entice others to follow you or view your YouTube video, and they will return to you. The points are sold in order to attract followers on social media.


  • Easy to operate
  • The SSL certificate is valid
  • This website is quite old and trustworthy.
  • You can see who has been to your website and when they were there.


  • There aren’t enough people using the system to keep it running.
  • The wait time to visit a website is excessive therefore, it’s not worth it for points.
  • It’s not cheap to buy points from the system.

It’s possible that you may lose your website IP address if too many people visit your site.

2. Leadsleap

Leadsleap traffic exchange website

LeadsLeap is a traffic exchange for business owners, bloggers, and marketers who are looking to increase web traffic. You can use this service to help promote buy links or run your own advertising campaigns.

Tools for developing an ad campaign and ad network offering text links, image banners, and contextual advertising were provided by Leadsleap; it is effective for promoting affiliate products or your own business.

To join Leadsleap, you must first provide an email address and select a password. You may then access the web pages that are accessible by logging in.

Feature Of Leadleaps

  •  Free traffic to your websites
  •  Free autoresponder service, your own list, not co-owned
  •  Free page builder, hosting included
  •  Free popup generator, hosting included
  •  Free link tracker that can differentiate bot vs human traffic
  •  Make Free money while benefiting from all these!


  • Using this site is easy since you’ll be shown how to use everything when signing up.
  • You don’t have to wait long before seeing other website visitors on your blog/site.


  • You need to pay credit to advertise yourself
  • You earn very little, and for the rest of the promotions, you need to purchase plans
  • Sometimes you don’t get the targeted audience you were hoping for

3. Rankboostup

Rankboostup Traffic exchange Website

Rankboostup has been delivering traffic to websites since 2007. It allows you to control every aspect of the traffic experience, from the beginning to the end.

The Advanced split test feature allows you to set the percent of people that you want to be directed to another page on your website or sent to a different webpage. This decreases bounce rates, which is one of the major metrics used in algorithms.

It’s free to join, and upon signup, you’ll receive up to 100 hits for free, allowing you to test out the auto-surf traffic exchange.


  • You can target a particular country
  • Choose how many hits you want per day.
  • Pick and choose what keyword you want to rank
  • Auto-surf browser helps you to earn as many points as you want


  • Unlimited traffic is only provided in premium plans
  • Difficult payment methods
  • You have no control over the time of day you can use it

4. TrafficSwarm

TrafficSwarm Traffic exchange site

Another traffic exchange site on our list is TrafficSwarm. It works in such a manner that customers may post an ad on their website and distribute the link so that other users can see it.

When a person sees one of those advertisements, they read it, which is how website traffic rises. Every time someone visits another site, they earn points that may be used to have your ad displayed on the list.

You may get a “swarm” of visitors to your website in less than 5 minutes, according to TrafficSwarm. The sign-up procedure is simple; people start visiting your website immediately and receiving the most impressions possible.


  • Users get hits in a few minutes
  • Quick and easy process
  • User-friendly interface
  • You can earn credits by visiting more sites


  • Visitors need to stay on a website for some time for impressions
  • Low search engine traffic

5. TrafficG

TrafficG Traffic Exchange site

Another free traffic exchange site is TrafficG, which has a user-friendly layout and allows you to advertise other businesses in exchange for visitors to your website. TrafficG members read one another’s websites. It enables you to include a tiny banner in the exchange frame from TrafficG.

When you tell others about TrafficG, you will be given credits for the banner/traffic trade. Once you’ve joined up, go to Add site > Choose internet channel and location > Enter your URL and press continue. Start surfing by clicking on start browsing, and you’ll be taken to various websites that may be engaged and impressions provided in the return.


  • It allows you to target your audience.
  • TrafficG gives you a free listing.
  • Site visitors may use banners.
  • You may advertise as many websites as you’d like.


  • If new members remain active, you may get referrals.
  • You’ll need premium memberships for other surfing tools.

6. Otohits

Otohit Traffic Exchange site

Otohits is a unique traffic exchange website that comes with some cool free features.

It’s a fast, simple, and efficient platform that provides free auto-surfs with a clear interface and hides your site’s referrer.

Otohits offers quick validation and ensures fast and smooth registration. You can customize the visitors’ duration with their unique auto-surf engine.

Otohits has some incredible advantages; its competitors that make it stand out.

  • All premium features are free
  • Websites audition for malicious content.
  • Custom user agents
  • Multilingual
  • Random clicks for low bounce rate.

The system comes with clean and detailed statistics of your activity and pages.

So far, it`s one of the best auto surf.


  • It offers various features.
  • The number of free hits is not limited.


  • Free members get fewer credits for surfing.
  • Traffic from Otohits cannot be directly monetized through ad networks or AdSense programs.

7. Herculist

Herculist Traffic Exchange site

Herculist is one of the most popular traffic exchange sites. Email exchange and traffic exchange are two options for advertising on this site. This is a self-service solution, and your primary goal is to increase the number of visitors to your website.

To join Herculist, you’ll require two Gmail email addresses. Since Gmail makes improved email delivery possible, they recommend it as a good option. In a mailbox exchange, you receive offers and send emails to other members, while in a traffic exchange, your advertisements are monitored by many people.


  • Earn a 35% commission on referral programs.
  • You can modify the timer on the website if you want to stay there for a longer period of time.
  • The additional $5 when you register


  • In a single day, you’ll receive an infinite number of emails.
  • A separate email account is required for spam.
  • Get a premium membership to enable vacation mode.

8. Hitz Boost


Hitz Boost is a traffic exchange service whose work is to hook up people who want to promote their sites with other like-minded people

This aims for both parties to gain viewers; you show me yours, and I’ll show you mine in the sense of a website.

The company has made all it takes to keep the customers happy and satisfied by providing accessible solutions for them.

You must submit your website, browse other members’ websites, and return the favor.

You may use Hitleap to buy traffic or produce it, and the amount of traffic you receive can be customized by Hitleap.

The site may help you make money and traffic.


  • You may customize the ads and even upload your own images.
  • There’s an option to block unwanted websites.
  • A unique method of gaining visitors to your site.


  • It may be slow sometimes.
  • It doesn’t allow you to select a specific country from which traffic comes.

9. EasyHits4U

EasyHits4U traffic exchange

This traffic exchange site is manually operated; they provide a 1:1 trade ratio. You visit one website. They give you one credit to promote your link, among other things. If you surf 100 sites as a referral, you can make money.

With a minimal expenditure of $3.00 and big trust pay, this is the drawing of $0.10 with a maximum withdrawal of $3.00.

You may also earn credits that you may utilize to advertise your websites, website banners, and text links. These banners, sites, and other items can also be targeted by continent and location.

There are two selections for surfing

  • 2:1 web surfing, which lasts for 15 secs
  • 1:1 web surfing, which lasts for 20 seconds.

I would recommend manual surfing at the 20-second rate.

I find this very effective at promoting attractive websites and banners and have gained many sign-ups from using this website.


  • There are various ways of earning credits.
  • It is user-friendly, so you should have no problems understanding its functions.


  • The site may be slow sometimes.
  • A maximum withdrawal threshold is in place, so you can’t withdraw whenever you wish to do so.

10. eBesucher

ebesucher traffic exchange website

eBesucher is a fantastic traffic exchange site. You’ve arrived at the appropriate location if you’re looking for a pointless effort because eBesucher allows you to earn money without spending hours on the computer, even if you sleep. This auto-surf software rotates web/video sites in an automated manner.

The interface is available in German, Spanish, English, and French. They offer a manually operated email exchange and traffic exchange service. Various images, usability, and the removal of malware are accessible to users.


  • It offers both auto-surfing and manual surfing.
  • Targeted to a specific region and population.
  • It is permitted to have as much traffic as you want.
  • Simple to use


  • Low-quality traffic
  • Reach the correct audience with a long-distance jump.

11. Trafficsend

Trafficsend Traffic exchange website

The AutoSurf Traffic Exchange Network is an autosurf traffic exchange system. It has both free and paid memberships. The open layout limits the number of visitors, which may be ideal for marketers or people looking to make money through referrals. Still, premium subscriptions will help you increase blog traffic or Alexa ranking.

TrafficSends allows you to set the number of views you need for every hour, and you can also set the time duration and how long you want a visitor to stay.

With TrafficSend, you can get high-quality views on your YouTube videos if you own a YouTube channel.


  • It offers auto-surf service
  • Easy user-interface
  • Instant increase in visitors


  • It’s Not entirely free; you have to take membership plans for additional features

12. Autowebsurf

Autowebsurf Traffic Exchange

Autowebsurf is another auto-surf traffic exchange site that sends traffic to your website automatically. AutoWebSurf traffic exchange program has a unique method of delivering unique visitors to your websites.

Here are three simple steps involved to get started. First, submit your link, click on get traffic, and monitor your webpage.

Features Of AutoWebSurf:

There are some unique features of the AutoSurfWeb traffic exchange program

  • The hourly traffic control system
  • Anonymous hide referrer system
  • Availability of LightViewer
  • Multiple sessions on multiple IPs
  • Custom timer from ten seconds to three hundred seconds
  • Referral credits earning up to 0.2
  • Banner & text ads option and referral cash earning up to 40%.

Aside from that, AutoWebSurf offers a credit-earning system, which is very simple. You can start earning credits by surfing other websites; the ratio of visitors will depend on the rate and time for each site view.

You can also earn credits by referring other people to use this service. The more people you refer, the more your credits will increase, along with a higher possibility of earning money.


  • It offers an auto-surfing service to display sites automatically and manually.
  • Targeted traffic depends on the continent and country.
  • You can customize the timer duration from 10 seconds to 300 seconds. You can also add multiple sessions on multiple IPs.
  • Simple to use


There are no cons

13. 10KHits  Free Traffic Exchange Site

10KHits  Free Traffic Exchange Site

10KHits is a traffic exchange website that focuses on bringing genuine human visitors to your website monthly.

10KHits has a good number of active users who are willing to visit your website once you register your website and place a promotion for it.

10kHits has three membership plans, which include:

  • Free membership: You are awarded 100 traffic points with the ability to earn more
  • Pro Membership: This costs $10 per month and 50,000 monthly traffic points.
  • Business Membership: This costs $29 monthly and awards you 200,000 monthly traffic points.

10KHits has some fantastic features that make it stand out among other traffic exchange websites.

  • Geographic Targeting
  • Organic Traffic
  • Social Traffic
  • Direct
  • Anonymous Traffic and
  • Low Bounce Rate.


  • This platform provides real visitors
  • You get free points on first sign-up
  • Users can earn commission points on referrals
  • The application is user-friendly


  • The bounce rate increases if a visitor leaves the website without reading the content.
  • You need to pay $10 monthly for additional features


I have compiled a list of the best traffic exchange sites that I anticipate will be among the finest in 2024. Hopefully, this post has been beneficial to you in some way, and you gained new information about traffic exchanges and their advantages.

There’s one thing for sure: we all want to make money online without putting forth much effort. This is the area in which I am uncertain if you can succeed, but traffic exchanges are most definitely a method to assist you in achieving your objectives. You may begin receiving money simply by surfing other people’s websites and being rewarded with a commission on each referral.

I hope this helps!

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    To get started, simply sign up for a free account with a traffic exchange service. Then add your blog URL and start promoting your blog to other members. The more active you are, the more traffic you will get.