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Niche Scraper Review 2024: Best Winning-product Hunting Tool

Are you looking for a complete Niche Scraper review with a discount coupon? Then this article is for you. I will highlight how this dropshipping tool will help you generate more income from your store.

A beautiful website with hundreds of items isn’t enough to generate money. The number one secret to getting the most out of your drop shipping or e-commerce company is finding the right product to sell.

Another essential factor to consider is strategic marketing plans. If everything else has been taken care of, all you have to do now is watch the revenue grow. So, how can you find these winning products?

That is where Niche Scraper comes in! This dropshipping tool has helped over 5,000 stores increase revenue and business.

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So, without wasting your time, let’s examine how this tool can help you generate more money from your store.

What is Niche Scraper?

Niche Scraper is a dropshipping tool that helps find winning products from Aliexpress and other Shopify stores worldwide. This saves you time and money by allowing you to find great selling products through an automated process.

You can also outsource the products you want to sell on your Shopify Store. You can find top-selling products or trending products from a Shopify store of your choice or top Shopify stores worldwide.

Niche Scraper also helps you find suppliers, copywriters, and designers to create professional product descriptions that increase conversions. If you don’t want the hassle yourself, you can even outsource them on Fiverr.

How does Niche Scraper work?

The Niche Scraper is a highly effective dropshipping and product research tool. It lets you check out other Shopify stores and discover guaranteed profitable products.

Allow their internet crawler to do the legwork for you and show you items proven to sell.

Niche Scraper analyzes the competition for each product and sends it through a filter to give you only the best products to sell.

Their services are provided majorly in three ways, they include:

  • Product Discovery
  • Market Research
  • Marketing Tools

1. Product Discovery

Niche Scraper’s product discovery tools help you discover winning products from Aliexpress and Shopify stores. The product discovery tool has two features which are:

  • Product Scrapper and
  • Hand-Picked

Product Scrapper

The process begins with a search filter that allows you to find a product based on a certain term, category, and price range.

Niche Scrapper Product Discovery

You can then see how many sales that product has made in a day or week and what other similar products are available on the market right now.

Hand-Picked Winning Products

You can also use their product discovery feature to find the list of hand-picked winning products.

Niche Scraper updates its list daily with the best-selling items across all categories.

These products include features and descriptions, product cost, profit margin, and valuable data like FB audience targeting and links to the supplier.

It’s also worth noting that you can quickly import or add the winning items to your Shopify store. You can start dropshipping by signing up with Shopify or purchasing a premium store from Alidropship.

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Ready to find winning products for your store? Get 29% Off Niche Scraper with my coupon code. “MACKIESTDON29″

2. Market Research

Niche Scraper’s store Analysis tool utilizes a sophisticated algorithm to scan through Shopify stores to reveal their best-selling items, Alexa rank, traffic, and more!

It relieves you of the pressure of manually inspecting numerous shops to find the best-selling tabs to view some of their products.

Here is how the store analysis works:

It gets a list of Shopify stores already making money from their products. You can then use this information to find your own winning products and dropship them on your website or store.

Furthermore, it utilizes its sophisticated functionality to calculate the number of traffic transactions and their potential monthly revenue.

You can see when each of the goods was added to the store and where it came from by moving your mouse over them.

Finally, the market research tool assists you in copying the product to your shop and duplicating not just the content but also images and any other information required.

Niche Scraper does all this for you within five minutes, so stop wasting time on manual research when it can be automated!

3. Marketing Tools

The Niche scrapper marketing tool is a simple yet effective video-making tool that may help you promote your winning goods.

The video Ad maker tool helps you create better quality, more persuasive videos for your best-selling products. It provides beautiful templates that show off the benefits of using your product and entice viewers to buy it.

It’s also worth noting that this tool is incredibly effective and delivers an astounding conversion rate, so you know your money is well spent.

You may use the Niche Scraper video ad creator tool to make a promotional video by combining royalty-free music with photos of your product and text.

You can engage in e-commerce and dropshipping activities without spending money on ads since the video creator gives you different options for targeting your audience.

Niche Scraper Review – Pricing Plan

The pricing plan for Niche Scraper comes in three ways, they include:

Niche Scraper Review – Pricing
  • The Free Plan is the most basic and severely restricted plan. Membership in the free plan gives you access to winning goods after three days. In addition, you will have restricted access to other features of the tool.
  • Pro Membership ($49)—This is the real deal. For a monthly fee of $49, you will get everything you need for this plan. Members of the tool have unlimited access to all of its features. You can produce an infinite number of advertising videos for numerous items.
  • Annual Pro Membership – The second option is to sign up for a year-to-year subscription. This plan is virtually the same as the previous one, but you can take advantage of a massive discount if you’re prepared to pay yearly.

Pros and Cons of Using Niche Scraper

Niche scrappers, being an excellent tool, have their advantages and disadvantages, just like other similar tools:


  1. You can find winning products from Shopify and Alibaba stores
  2. Full Product research using one tool
  3. Discounted plans for users with big budgets
  4. Use the Niche Scraper to create various marketing materials like product videos, articles, and more.
  5. Helps users find new niches
  6. Allows users to mass upload their products to AliExpress, eBay, and Amazon Marketplaces
  7. It also assists in importing products into your e-commerce platform of choice (Shopify or Woocommerce)
  8. A simple UI makes the Niche Scraper very easy to use
  9. Their customer support is available 24/7
  10. Can pay for the subscription using Credit cards, Debit cards, and PayPal
  11. Easy Software Tutorials & Guides


  • Could you provide some more data on winning products?
  • To pay through Debit cards, you’ll have to contact their support.

Niche Scraper Alternatives

If you’re not 100% convinced that Ecomhunt is the tool for you, here are some alternatives you can try out.

Some other quality alternatives include:

1. Ecomhunt

My number one alternative to Niche Scraper is EcomHunt. It does almost the same thing Niche Scraper does. With EcomHunt, you can access “hand-picked” products daily containing information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews and suppliers, descriptions, etc.- everything you would need to start selling a product without having to do the research yourself.

One difference between these tools is that the Niche scrapper is a bit more expensive than Ecomhunt. Ecomhunt costs $29/month, which is low compared to Niche Scraper. But with the Niche scrapper discount code, you can slash the price down.

2. Dropship Spy: 

This tool is another alternative to EcomHunt. Dropship Spy also gives you access to top trending products and some details that can help you boost your income with the product.

There are some similarities between these tools and Ecomhunt, but there are some features you can’t find on Ecomhunt.

Some key features that we found exciting were:

  • Facebook Audience Builder helps you run ads while targeting potential customers.
  • Instagram Influencers for reaching out to an even more extensive social network
  • Engagement Calculator, which gives you accurate, up-to-date numbers about engagement on any specific product

So, this tool is quite different from Ecomhunt, but it aims to find the best-selling tool.

The downside of this tool is its price. Dropship Spy does not have a free membership plan. The last plan starts at $15/month.

3. Pexda

Like every other hunt tool, Pexda aims to provide its users with the best-selling products in the market, like Ecomhunt. It has a wide range of product categories, such as toys, beauty and health, family, and pets.

Like ecomhunt, Pexda has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate the website freely. New users will not find it challenging to use this tool because it is beginner-friendly.

One downside of this tool is that it does not have a free plan. It only has a 14-day paid trial with an initial payment of $1.95 and then $14 for each subsequent month.

To enjoy this tool’s features, you will need to upgrade to their ultimate plan, which costs $99/month.

Get 29% Discount
Ready to find winning products for your store? Get 29% Off Niche Scraper with my coupon code. “MACKIESTDON29″


Niche Scraper is a tool that may assist individuals looking to start an eCommerce company but have no idea where to begin. It will not only show you items for sale that may be profitable, but it will also offer valuable information on maximising your sales.

It is free to join this platform, but becoming a pro member offers additional functionality.

The Pro membership option is still inexpensive, and you may cancel your subscription anytime.

When you compare Niche Scraper to other solutions, while every tool has drawbacks, you may believe me when I say the price is lower.

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