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Top 15+ Best Domain Name Generator Tools In 2024

In today’s article, I  will be reviewing the best domain name generator tools that can help you make clever choices. Choosing the right domain name for your brand is something that needs the utmost attention.

A domain name is simply the name of your website. It is a name that will be used to find or pick out your business or brand website on the internet. No two businesses or brands can have the same domain name, and all domain names are unique to their owners. Most times, a domain name is an addition of numbers and letters associated with the various domain name extensions, including .com, .net, and so many others.

It can be very stressful to generate a domain name in some cases because two brands or businesses can have intended domain names or initials. Everyone wants a website address that can quickly draw attention or is catchy but still very meaningful while relating to the services your brand or business offers.

Sometimes, after a lot of thinking, you come up with something you feel will be exclusive to only you or perfect, only to find out that it’s already been taken. That can be frustrating!

This is where the work of domain name generators comes in. These tools will help you with all the heavy lifting and provide you with clever domain name ideas based on your predefined keywords.

15 Best Domain Name Generator Tools

With some of the domain generators I’d list below, and you can save yourself some energy by using these 15 Domain Generators that can come up with available domain names. They include;


NAMEMESH best domain name generator

The NameMesh domain name generator is suitable for generating domain names with multiple keywords laid out. You pick a few keywords (about 2-3) and enter them into the search box.

Then click on generate for a list of suggestions based on concepts such as;

  • Common
  • New
  • Short
  • Extra
  • Similar
  • SEO
  • Fun
  • And finally Mix

After searching, you can scrutinize the results based on the domain extension, unregistered domains, and the highest possible length.

NameMesh will also provide other suggestions for keyword searches.

Multiple concepts to help narrow your search. They don’t have many extensions. They just have the .com, .io, .co, and .net.
There’s an availability of social media. They have no concept that can help search for related terms.
It displays only available domain names in the result it outputs.



NAMEMEBOTbest domain name generator

DomainsBot is very much recommended for its excellent job of generating intriguing domain names and allowing you to choose synonyms that you would like to use together with your primary keyword. This approach would result in some excellent domain name customization you wouldn’t have thought of before.

You have to provide keywords (about one or more) and enter them into the search panel. The list that DomainsBot will return will contain domain names generated based on a large section of your keyword first of all before it proceeds into the very incentive ones, i.e., combined keywords or similar keywords.

Separate the domain names by extensions, languages, or add synonyms, prefixes, or suffixes yourself. It can also inform you of a domain name that will expire soon, therefore, allowing you to assign particular terms to it and, if possible, request for them if they end up passing.

It renders excellent customization with synonyms, prefixes, and suffixes. The generated domain names are not that incentive because DomainsBot tries to stay close to the initially entered keyword.
You can head on to register the domain name you chose from the generator via any registrar you want.



Learn domain search best domain name generator

Lead Domain Search is a plausible approach to searching a domain name for your brand or business website. It allows you to start your search with a single keyword, and then you can decide to look into the lean domain search for other domain name options. If you need brand new and applicable concepts for a domain name, then a poor domain search is the right domain name generator to use.

With lead domain search, you can separate ideas for the domain name into groups with characteristics ranging from alphabetical order to popularity or even length.

You can separate your results based on the position of your keyword in the domain name. It also checks for the availability of the domain name on Twitter.

It permits you to keep track of your search history. It is a little bit restrictive, i.e., allowing only letters and spaces.
If you want, you can register the domain name right there on the generator. It only shows the availability of .com domain names.
It enhances social media effort.
You can earmark some domain names and review them later.



NAMEBOY best Domain name generator

If you were looking for a domain generator that can help you generate a domain name from scratch, then Nameboy is a perfect choice. You have to enter a keyword into the search box and submit it; it would show you a list of beautiful ideas for your domain name.

It combines words, prefixes, suffixes, and the keywords you would provide to suggest an applicable domain name. The results yield popular domain extensions such as .com, .org, .info, .blog and many others.

You can get fantastic combination ideas for any two keywords you enter. There are no filtering options.
The availability of the domain name is not possible.



PANABEE best domain name generator tool

You can search a domain name suggestion, generate a business name, or even generate a domain name with two keywords. Panabee shows available domain names and tells you if your perfect domain name is being used as a username on any social media platform.

It’s best to get domain names based on one’s ideas.

It has a wonderful user interface. No filtering options asides from extensions.
Easy to use. It restricts the keywords used in the search to a maximum of 2 words.
Together with Go-Daddy, you can get an incredible first-year domain name registration price.



Screenshot (48)

Bust A Name employs the help of filling tools to help you find the perfect domain name. These tools include the option to insert plural, a hyphen, prefixes, etc.

You have to type in a single keyword into the search box, assign a character length and the extensions you want, and display the available domain names.

If you discover a domain name you like, you can save or buy it at once. Also, if later you want one of the domain names you saved, you can decide to scroll to the save domain tab and buy one of those you saved.

You can save domains for later or buy them at once. The user interface is a little bit complicated and might be confusing to the user.
So many extensions are available. Keywords can only be added to the start or end of the domain name you chose.




You can also get suggestions for a domain from a business name generator on Shopify to launch an online store; then, you can now proceed to register the domain name.

This domain name generator is an excellent choice if you hope to build a Shopify store.

You can set up or open your Shopify store after discovering your ideal domain name. It only checks the availability for .com domain names.
It loads about ten domain names at a time. You can only register the domain name if you’re using Shopify.



Screenshot (50)

This domain name generator is well known for its variety of tools that will be provided to help you find your domain name. You will start by choosing a word, and then the Namestall generator tools enable you to search by keywords and parts of speech, popular keywords, common English phrases, etc.

You can decide if your keyword would be at the beginning or the end of your domain name. You can also choose to add a hyphen to your web address.

There are a lot of options. There are so many tools to be used when trying to create a domain name that stands out.
Availability of many extensions. Only five searches are allowed before a paid-subscription message pops us.
You can register directly.




With domain puzzler name generators, many keywords can be included, unlike some other domain name generators that use just one or two. It is a simple tool to use.

You can decide to begin with the easy option. If you get results, add them to a favorite list, then proceed to a more complex search. With this domain name generator, you can determine the page ranking of different domain names.

Simple to use. In some cases, the search doesn’t go as expected.
Many keywords can be used.
There’s an advanced option for searching domain names.




Sign up for a free account to start using NameStation.If you’re looking for diverse opinions, then Name Station is a perfect option because it is not just a domain name generator but a community. Therefore, you can do a contest to get suggestions from other people.

It filters based on extension, name length, and others.

The rich suggestion allows one to play with words in different ways. Not all options are free. Full-service checks such as name availability require one to register an account.
Public suggestions. No popularity filter options.
It checks for availability instantly.

PRICE: To use regularly, you’d have to pay a registration fee. Check the picture below to know the different plans.



For every original context-aware suggestion as you type in keywords, Domainr is your go-to. It even checks ranks not only based on the name but also on price and features. It can be accessed in a bit of amount of time.

A simple user interface that enables you to search the domain name easily. It doesn’t have a domain extension filter feature
You can buy the domain name from the website.




NameSmith generator is one of the best domain name generators, and it’s mostly preferred for business domain names. It is known as the creative business name generator.

You type in keywords and into the search panel, and it shows results based on top-level domains.

Since it has embedded links to Bluehost and Namecheap, you can purchase the domain names at once. You can filter the domain names by extensions.

You can easily buy the domain names. The user interface is a bit compacted.
There’s an extensive list of domain extensions to filter by. There’s no filter by popularity.



Domain wheel

DomainWheel helps you identify the available domain name for your business or brand website with the keyword you enter into the search box.

DomainWheel searches for domain names with ideas and even characters that seem similar to the keyword you entered; they also go as far as finding out rhymes with your keyword.

It shows only available domain names. The filtering options are not many.
There are a variety of extensions to choose from. You can’t purchase any domain name you decide to use through the domain wheel.
The user interface is top-notch.




This domain name generator is one of the best. As you’re typing keywords into the search box, it gives you results of those that are available. It is swift.

There’s a variety of extensions to filter from; you can filter by those currently for sale or from those expired and heading into the auction.

You can easily buy domain names from the sites and even make offers on those expired.

There’s a lot of extensions to filter by. There’s no filter by popularity option.
The user interface is easy to use. There’s no filter by full-length option.
You can buy domain names easily.




This domain name generator allows you to add parts of speech such as adjectives, verbs, or nouns to the beginning or end of your keywords. It also checks for the availability of the domain names among top list domains.

You can decide to select a 4- letter, 5-letter, or 6-letter option for the adjectives, verbs, or nouns you would add to the beginning of the end of your keyboard.

You can have access to purchasing the domain names quickly. The filter options are very few.
The user interface is not compacted. The results after searching are few, unlike some other domain name generators.
It also provides lovely hosting deals one can use after selecting a domain. You can only enter one keyword.


CONCLUSION: Having gone through the top 15 domain names generator, you can decide to employ any of them or even all to search for that perfect domain name or business name. Most are free, so go through the pros and cons and pick any that’s suitable for you.

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