Push House Review: Best Push Notification Ad Network 2024

Are you looking for the best Push traffic for your campaigns, then this Push House review is for you. This is an extensive review of the Ukraine-based ads network that utilizes the push notifications model to promote your campaigns.

In this Push house review, we’ll be looking at the general overview of this Ads network, features, pros, and cons.  The FINE and the UGLY!

I’ll try as much as possible to make this the most detailed Push House review you’ll ever see online to allow you to make an informed decision!

So let’s dive in… 

What is Push House?

Push House is one of the fastest-growing Push Notification Ad Networks that was founded in 2018. They help advertisers to promote their campaigns and help publishers to monetize their traffic.

They utilize classic Push notifications and Progressive Web App (PWA), InPage Push, and Calendar notifications (iOS) as their source of traffic while expanding for more ad formats.

As of the time of the review, they have over 30 Million Active subscribers from 180 countries with over 300 million impressions per month. And these numbers keep growing every month.

In the past years, we noticed an exponential increase in demand for push notifications traffic, which is why Push House provides a great platform to implement them, which secured them a seat on the list of best CPC Ad Networks in 2024.

Making use of advanced AI technology allows you to send push notifications to your target audience, which results in high conversion rates and generates new revenue.

Push House Review Pros and Cons

The Pros
  • Customer support 24/7
  • You get a minimum click per click (CPC) of $0.001
  • Real-time conversion lets you gain money through quality traffic
  • Publishers gain 3% affiliate marketing fees
  • High conversion rates
  • Interface coverage is worldwide – more than 180 countries
The Cons
  • A new platform in the field of advertising pop-ups
  • Using proxies would lead to a ban of the account
  • A high amount of requests lead to slow customer support sometimes

Push House Review – Payment methods

Push House accepts payments from a wide variety of methods, including VISA, Mastercard, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Capitalist, and more. The only other method I wish they had is PayPal and I’m sure many advertisers from other countries would love to have that option available as well.

Get Started With Push House

The truth is that there are many Push Ads networks available today, and it’s always advisable to stick with one network and abstain from divided attention.

However, there are still reasons why you should try Push House and let the result speak for itself. You can take advantage of their media buying algorithms to get lower CPCs/CPMs for your campaigns.

Getting started with Push House requires that you sign up as an Advertiser or a Publisher.

  • Advertiser: As an advertiser, you agree to use Push Ads Network and their software to promote your campaigns
  • Publisher: As a publisher, you agree to monetize your blog or website with Push notifications Ads sponsored by Push House.

Let’s take a look at how to create an account on Push House.

Push House Ads Network For Advertisers

Creating an Advertisers’ account on Push House is as easy as pie. Being an Advertiser gives you access to enjoy all the benefit that comes with this Ads network, such as:

  • High-quality traffic.
  • Excellent conversion rate.
  • Low CPCs and CPMs
  • Reach your target audience across 180 different countries.
  • High ROI(Return on investment)
  • 24/7 Support
  • Multiple payment methods

To create an account, start by visiting http://push.house/ or click here to open their homepage. The image below is what the homepage looks like.

Push house review

From the homepage, click on the signup button and proceed to the signup page to fill in your details. The picture below is a typical example of the information required from you to sign up as an Advertiser.

You are required to fill the forms with your real details

Your Name: You are required to type in your real name in full.

Email: An active email is required

Password: Choose any password of your choice, it can be alphabetic or alphanumeric (Mixture of Alphabet and numbers).

Skype: You can provide your skype ID for easy communication with your account manager. You can as well skip it.

Telegram: You can provide your Telegram ID for easy communication with your account manager. You can as well skip it.

Push House Signup Page Mackiestdon.com

After filling the form hit the send button to see your Advertiser Dashboard.

The image below is a typical Push.house Advertiser Dashboard. Some of the areas highlighted in green are explained some important areas that need to be taken into consideration,

Push.House Advertiser Dashboard
  1. Your Account Manager: It contains the social media contact of your account manager. You can contact him or her anytime to assist you with any issue regarding your account.
  2. Campaign Performance Section: The section contains the campaign performance of the last 48 hours. You can see the number of Pushes, Clicks, CTR, and amount spent.
  3. Different Ads Formats Supported: The third section highlighted in the picture contains the four Ads format available on this Platform which are: Push Notification, In-Page, PWA, and iOS Push.

Creating A Campaign On Push House

Before launching your first campaign, it is advisable to always take a look a the  Network Volume to see the performance of each Ad format in the last 24 hours.

Network and Volum Push House review

From the picture above, you can check the different four Ad Network statistics and then plan the campaign. You can see the best-performing country, and the maximum and minimum bids.

To create a campaign, from your left-hand menu click on any of your desired Ads formats. Once you click on your desired Ad format, a drop-down will appear showing you an option to create a campaign.

Click on the create campaign and you will be redirected to a new page with an interface similar to the image below.

Creating Campaign

On this page, you are required to fill in the correct details for your new campaign. The basic data required from you include.

  • Title
  • Link = your campaign URL
  • Geo
  • CPC
  • City
  • Devices
  • Subscription age
  • OS
  • Language
  • Creatives

Since I chose Push notification to be my Ad Model,  I’ll need to submit a 192x192px icon and a 492×328 image. The icon and the title are the most important requirement when setting a push notification ad, but you still have to submit an image in case the notifications are fully displayed on the subscriber’s phone.

Another thing you can play with is the subscription age filter. Some subscribers perform better when they’ve been receiving notifications for less than a week.

As for your campaign URL, you need to input your tracker’s URL including the dynamic tokens from Push House.  No matter which tracker you use, try and add as many tokens as possible for each ad format.

The next section is the campaign schedule. This is very useful when you are running Ads in some specific geolocations. You can disable the ads from running at night since there are chances that it may not perform well.

Push house campaign schedule

Moving forward, the next step is to set a budget for your Ads, you can choose your desired daily spending limit or daily clicks. It is still possible that your campaign may slightly go above your budget limit or still under-perform.

The final step depends on if you left the feed on or off. If you left the feed on from the previous section, then you have to filter the feed to know the one that best meets your demand.

The auction for feeds is built separately from the internal auction and the position depends on the price of the click. The higher the cost of a click – the more traffic you will receive and open new sites.

Once your Ads are up and running always monitor to know the feed that is underperforming so you can block it asap instead of wasting money on it.

Push House Ads Network For Publisher

You can only signup as a publisher when you have a blog or website that you want to monetize using Push notification Ads.

Unlike Adsense and other platforms, Push House accept publisher instantly into their program without having to meet up a specific requirement.

If your site is getting a good number of page views, you have a high chance of making a huge amount of money while working with  Push. house Ads network.

To sign up for the Publisher account, visit https://partners.house/.

Partner Push House

Once you are seeing this interface, click on the sign-up button on the home page. You will see a Modal form where you have to provide your details.

Data required from you are as follow:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Password

You can choose to provide your telegram details if you want to.

After creating an account, next is to log in. Your Publisher dashboard is exactly like the image below.

Publisher Dashboard

To create your first Ads, from your right-hand menu, click on Streams.

Push hose review

Next, click on Create icon under your profile and add your site

Create Stream

Choose the create a website option and on the next page, type in the name of your website and your URL.

Select the hour at which ads can be displayed on your site and if you will accept to display 18+ ads.

Push House Policy for Publishers

Though there are no specific requirements for the publisher, there are some rules that govern you as a publisher, they are as listed

  • The publisher can’t use multiple accounts.
  • Publishers are not permitted to earn money by clicking their own ads.
  • Publishers also can’t use bots and other invalid traffic methods to generate more traffics and clicks for the purpose of generating more money.


Push House is one of the best Push notification Ads networks worth giving a trial in 2024. They offer the best features to advertisers and publishers.

Their customer support system is compared to non. Traffic is targeted according to the city, IP, Operating System, and much more. There is a click limit on your ads and payment is done on the basis of CPM and CPC.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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