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Lancie Investment Review 2024: Is It Scam Or Legit? (Not Paying)

Have you heard about the Lancie investment program? If yes, have you tried it out, or do you still doubt if it’s legit or a scam. Calm down and read this Lancie Investment Review.

Please don’t invest in Lancie again, they are scammers. All they do is take your money and when it’s time for withdrawal, they ignore your withdrawal request.

Well, in this post, I will be reviewing the Lancie investment program and everything you need to know about it.

For this review, I will be covering these areas listed

This is another scam investment company that you have to stay away from, don’t lose your hard-earned money in the hands of bloody scammers.

Before anything else,  I want you to believe me that this is an honest review, I’m not saying it to tarnish anybody’s image.

I don’t gain anything by luring you into schemes that will take your money and run away. I’m not among those bloggers that will see a lie and paint it white just because of petty traffics.

What is Lancie or Elancie?

Elancie review

Lancie claims that they are an advertising platform that helps businesses and individuals to get massive views on their YouTube videos. They promised to give an impressive result in a very short time with some premium tools that help maintain the safety of the YouTube channel of their customers.

They are all lies don’t fall for this… 

There are two categories of users on the Lancie platform which are Publishers and Influencer.

  • Publishers: This category of users also known as advertisers, pay some money to Lancie to get more views to their YouTube videos. The price is as little as $6 for 500 views.
  • InfluencersThis is the second category of users also known as earners. Their main work is to help Lancie fulfill the promises they made to the publisher and in return get paid for their work.

For clarity’s sake, I will be focusing more on the Lancie Influencers program or the earning program where they claim to pay users for completing daily tasks.

With their impressive ROI, you will think this is a life-changing investment, but I’m sorry because your money is at risk. Stay away from Lancie if you value your money.

How Does Lancie Work

Like most fraudulent investment scheme that has existed in the past, Lancie scams their investors by making them go through 30 days of stress by promoting useless links on social media and when it’s time for payments they will ignore your withdrawal request.

The business model followed on this platform is similar to that of Racksterli and other similar programs. They claim to serve as an intermediary between the Advertisers and Influencers.

Let me make the fraudulent cycle clear to you because this is what they will tell you they do. For example, if Advertiser A wants to get more views to his or her youtube video, then he pays Lancie to help them achieve this, then Lancie will share the money with their Influencer or the Earners so they get the job completed.

To join the Lancie earners community, it is required that you choose one of their 3 plans which helps to determine the amount you are to earn at the end of the giving time. Below are the three Lancie plans.

Lancie Plans and Packages

Lancie deceives their investors with their various impressive packages and each of these packages goes with its mouth-watering compensation and impressive ROI.

What this implies is that they lure you in by giving you an interesting ROI on any of their plans choose and it will be difficult to resist the temptation especially when you didn’t go through this review.

Let’s take a look at the Lancie plan or package

Lancie Plans and Packages

Basic Plan

Lancie’s Basic Plan is the cheapest plan available on this platform, it costs just $27 or ₦13,000 per month. When you subscribe to this plan, you stand to earn $2.78 for the next 30 days. After your 30-day earning cycle, your money will be available for withdrawal.

  • Subscription fee: $27
  • Daily earnings: $2.78
  • Plan validity: 30 days
  • ROI (Returns on investment): $83.4
  • Withdrawal charges: $15

Standard Plan

The standard plan is the intermediate plan available on Lancie, and it cost $47 monthly. Upon choosing this package, you stand to earn $4.28 daily for 30 days. Once your plan elapses, you can withdraw your money. Alternatively, you can choose to renew or upgrade to a higher plan.

  • Subscription fee: $47
  • Daily earnings: $4.28
  • Plan validity: 30 days
  • ROI (Returns on investment): $128.4
  • Withdrawal charges: $5

Pro Plan

Here comes the biggest Lancie plan, It comes with many benefits when compared with some other plans available on this platform. It cost $87 and promises daily earnings of $7.2. Another impressive thing about this plan is that it comes with the lowest withdrawal fee of $3.

  • Subscription fee: $87
  • Daily earnings: $7.2
  • Plan validity: 30 days
  • ROI (Returns on investment): $216
  • Withdrawal charges: $3

How To Make Money On Lancie or Elancie

They will make you believe that making money on Lancie is as simple as anything you may think of.

They will tell you that all you need to do is choose a plan on their platform and sign-up. Complete your daily task and watch your earnings increase.

The problem is not watching your earnings increase but can you cash it out when it is due. Abeg Lancie no scammers no fall for this shit. 

Below are the two money-making models available on their platform.

1. Share Sponsored Post

Sharing sponsored is the basic task you are required to complete every day to accumulate your daily bonus.

  • Just login to your account with your unique username and password
  • Locate the sponsored article of the day available on your user dashboard.
  • Use the share button to share it on any of your social media pages.
  • Refresh the page and watch your earnings increase.

2. Referring New Users

They will tell you that this is an additional opportunity to boost your earnings. After you sign-up on this platform, you will be assigned a unique referral link that tracks all the users you referred to this platform.

  • Login to your user dashboard.
  • Locate your unique referral link and copy it.
  • Share it with your friends so you can get a commission whenever they sign-up with your link.

How to register on Lancie

These are the steps they follow in stealing your money. Don’t listen to them, Elance is a scam.

  1. Visit the Lancie official website https://elancie.com and visit the Sign-up page.
  2. Fill in all your registration details correctly and click on NEXT.
  3. A verification email will be sent to you; you are to click on the link of this email to verify it.
  4. Select your membership plan from the ones listed above.
  5. Complete your profile setup and choose a payment method.
  6. You can only make payments with Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.

Lancie Investment Review: Is it Legit?

This is a new scam investment scheme, it is not advisable to trust your money with this scammer that doesn’t have a conscience. They have many similarities to some platforms that have come and gone.

Complaints have been flying up and down in different forums about how people lost their money on this platform. With some research conducted on them and first-hand experience gotten by using the platform, they are bloody scammers.

But like I will always advise, always invest what you can afford to lose. Don’t be greedy when using platforms like this.

If you already have an account with Lancie, kindly drop a comment for me using the comment section below. Tell us your experience with them.


Lancie is not a safe platform for anyone who is looking for an additional income source,  they will rob your money and keep you stranded.

Another downsides of this platform are the anonymity of the Founder (there is no information about the founder or their address) no one can be held responsible if the platform crash.

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