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FindNiche Review 2024 – Best Dropshipping Niche Analysis Tool

Are you looking for the best dropshipping tool? Do you want to find a niche that will make you money? If your answer is yes, we have the perfect solution for you.

In this FindNiche review, we will be discussing the best dropshipping tool that can help you choose the best dropshipping niche and spy on competitors’ ads. is a highly-detailed, comprehensive, and easy-to-use platform for finding products to sell online. You’ll be able to determine which products are winning in your niche, what other competitors are doing, and how they’re doing it.

You can also use this tool to spy on competitors’ ads and see what sort of sales they’re making and their pricing strategies.

In addition to all this, FindNiche has a fantastic feature called Niche Finder, which helps its users find profitable niches. You enter some basic information about yourself and what kind of products you would like to sell in your store, and it will give you suggestions based on that information.

What is FindNiche?

FindNiche is an online tool that helps you find profitable niches, create a business plan and launch a successful dropshipping store. As the name suggests, FindNiche was created by some of the industry’s best marketers with years of experience in niche research, Product Marketing and Dropshipping.

FindNiche is a tool for anyone wanting to make money online but not knowing how to start. It provides free, winning products, niche assessments, and niche marketing guides to help you find your spot.

If you’re a newbie in the dropshipping business, FindNiche is the perfect place to start. This platform offers thousands of products, all curated by experts, so you can be sure that each one will sell. You can then use these winning products to start your own niche business!

FindNiche is one of the best dropshipping tools to help you with your business. It gives valuable insights into which products are trending and where you can find them easily.

AliExpress Analytics

Findniche AliExpress Analytics

FindNiche’s Aliexpress analytics tool is a great way to find the best-selling products on Aliexpress. It’s easy to use and provides valuable data to help you decide which products to sell.

Here are the features of our Aliexpress analytics tool:

  1. Findniche’s Aliexpress analytics tool provides you with a list of the most popular items by category or keyword.
  2. Findniche also shows you which products are trending on Aliexpress and which ones have the highest demand.
  3. Find niche has a dedicated search function that allows you to search for specific keywords and find all relevant products in one place!

You can also see what other stores are selling similar items. This can help you gauge the competition for any given item before investing time or money into it.

Finally, FindNiche shows you sales rank data for each product—this indicates how popular an item is with shoppers overall (the lower its rank number, the more popular it has been).

Shopify Analysis Tool

If you want to grow your store, the Shopify Database Analysis Tool is a great way to find new niche opportunities. It allows you to search for opportunities, see what others are doing right (and wrong) and get ideas for improving your store.

The tool helps you find opportunities by showing you which keywords related to your products or services are most popular, how much traffic they receive, and how much money they earn. You can filter by the location of the seller or product category. You can also view competitor stores’ information like product categories and estimated traffic.

Of course, this isn’t all there is to it—you can also match products on Aliexpress with their corresponding Shopify products to see what other people are selling and if there’s anything else that might be worth considering for your store!

You can use the tool to:

  • Search for keywords related to your products or services
  • Filter product by location of the seller
  • Find stores with high earnings per month or estimated traffic
  • View competitor stores’ information, such as product categories.
  • Match product on Aliexpress
  • Find active FB ads on those products

This tool was developed specifically for people looking into starting a dropshipping business. Still, it’s also useful for those who already own one or more eCommerce businesses which means anyone looking to start their own dropshipping business could benefit from using this software.

Ad Spy Tool

Findniche Review: Ad Spy Tool

If you are an online marketer, you need to monitor your competitors’ campaigns closely. You can spy on them using the Ad Spy tool. This tool helps you determine which keywords they are bidding for and what kind of ads they are placing on Facebook and Instagram.

You can filter your competitor’s ads by putting the keyword, domain, URL, advertiser’s name or fan page. You can filter further by the software used to build the store, such as WordPress, Magento, Shopify, Wix, etc. Also, you can filter by date, language, and engagement.

The best feature of this tool is that it gives you all the details about your competitor’s campaign, including impressions generated by their ads and clicks received from those ads.

This will help you understand how far ahead your competitor is from you regarding internet marketing strategy and campaign management skills.

Find Winning Products

This is for you if you’ve ever wanted to find the winning products.

FindNiche can help with finding winning products. Their AI analyses every product on Shopify and gives you the best effect regarding popularity, revenue, and profit. It also links you to the best supplier of the product.

This way, they help keep the world free from spam while also allowing sellers who want to make money on niche sites without getting scammed by fake suppliers who may or may not be trying to steal all their money via credit card fraud.”

FindNiche will also link you to the best product supplier, and they can help narrow down your ad targeting. You want to make sure that your ads are being seen by people interested in what you’re selling.

In addition, they will help with your Ad targeting in terms of narrowing down which keywords would be best suited to target. This way, you can get the most out of every dollar spent on advertising and make sure that you’re only spending money on people who are genuinely interested in what you’re selling.

Niche Finding Tool

FindNiche is the best way to find the perfect niche for your store. Their experts are constantly scouring the internet for new trends and emerging opportunities in online retail, and we bring them straight to you.

FindNiche is the only tool that combines machine learning with human expertise to help you find the perfect niche for your Shopify store.

They’ll tell you about new niches that are just starting to pop up, so you can get in on the ground floor. And you will also get to know about niches that are about to become saturated with competition to avoid them.

No more time you trying out different product ideas only to find that they’re already oversaturated or don’t make sense for your business model. FindNiche will give you expert advice on what’s best for your business, so all you have to do is listen up!

FindNiche Pricing Pricing

FindNiche offers four different plans, which we will be comparing in this section.

Basic Plan – $9/month

  • Access to AliExpress
  • Access to Top Chart
  • Access to AliExpress Store
  • Access to Shopify Store
  • Product Search: 20 Daily
  • Product Tracking: Only 20
  • Product Export: 12 per time

Elite Plan – $59/month

  • Access to the AliExpress product database
  • You’ll have full access to the Shopify store database
  • Access to the Shopify product database
  • Full access to the curated daily list of 20 products
  • Analysis of total sales and performance data
  • Track up to 500 successful dropshipping products
  • Up to 600 dropshipping products can be exported

Premium Plan – $99/month

  • Access to the AliExpress products database
  • You’ll be able to tap into the Shopify store database
  • Access to the Shopify product database
  • A daily list of 100 products is available for you to peruse.
  • Analysis of total sales and performance data
  • Access to the innovative social advertising tool Ad Spy
  • Up to 500 winning dropshipping products can be tracked
  • Up to 600 dropshipping products can be exported

Price Overview

The first plan, called BASIC, costs $9 per month and gives you access to various eCommerce resources, including Shopify tutorials and product research tools.

The second plan is called ELITE and costs $59 per month. It includes everything from BASIC plus additional features such as Facebook Ads Campaign Management and SEO Analysis Tools.

The third plan is PREMIUM at $99 per month billed annually ($8/mo). This subscription gives you access to everything from ELITE plus specialised consulting services from experts who have worked with over 200 eCommerce businesses over the last few years; it also includes one-on-one mentorship sessions with an industry expert (or two if your business qualifies for multiple employees).

Finally, there’s the VIP ENTERPRISE plan which ranges from 199~499 /Mo depending on how many users need acutance; this option provides enterprise-level support for large companies looking for customised solutions explicitly tailored towards their individual needs. (They do offer some basic customisation options if your company falls within that price range)

FindNiche Pros and Cons


  • Ad Insights are provided from a variety of sources.
  • Products Scout on AliExpress is a great way to find niche products that aren’t yet popular.
  • Scout all Shopify products and help you find new niches and products that have previously been overlooked.
  • Additionally, the Shopify Store update is unlimited, so you can keep looking for new niches as long as you want.
  • Making decisions based on data allows you to focus on what works and avoid wasting time on experiments that don’t pay off.
  • Filtering and exporting data is easy and makes it easy for anyone who needs access to this information to get it quickly and easily.


  • There are a limited number of products, which means that you might not be able to find something that fits your niche perfectly.

FindNiche Alternative

Are you looking for alternatives to I have compiled a list of the top 3 hunt tools to help you find some great products to sell.

1. EcomHunt:

My number one alternative to FindNiche is EcomHunt. It does almost the same Niche Scraper is doing. With EcomHunt, you can access “hand-picked” products daily containing information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews & suppliers, descriptions, etc. The things you would need to start selling a product without doing the research yourself.

2. Niche Scrapper:

My number one alternative to FindNiche is Niche Scraper. It does almost the same FindNiche is doing. With Niche scrapper, you can access “hand-picked” products daily containing information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews & suppliers, descriptions, etc. The things you would need to start selling a product without doing the research yourself.

3. Pexda:

Like every other hunt tool, Pexda aims to provide its user with best-selling products like FindNiche. It has a wide range of product categories like toys, beauty & health, family, and pets.

Pexda, like FindNiche, has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate freely through the website. New users will not find it challenging to use this tool because it is beginner-friendly.

One downside of this tool is that it doesn’t have any free plan. It only has a paid trial of 14 days with an initial payment of $1.95, then $14 for the sequent month.

To enjoy all the features of this tool, you will need to upgrade to their ultimate plan, which costs $99/month.


FindNiche is the best Dropshipping tool for Shopify and Aliexpress. It helps you with the best product research, it enables you to spy on your competitors’ Ads, and it also has a fantastic community. We recommend FindNiche as a dropshipping tool because it’s easy to use and powerful.

So, if you want to take advantage of these features, we recommend signing up for FindNiche now.

If you’re looking for a FindNiche alternative, several other options can help you find profitable products to sell on Shopify.

Ecomhunt is one such tool that allows you to search for profitable niches, but it can’t analyse how much money each niche will make. Niche Scrapper and Alishark are both more advanced than EcomHunt and allow users to see how much they could potentially earn from each product.

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