EcomHunt Reviews 2024 – Best Winning Product Tool

Do you want to start an eCommerce business, but you are struggling to find a profitable niche?

If YES, then you are not alone.

Many people find it challenging to find a niche to concentrate on, let alone finding a profitable product to sell. When you start an eCommerce business, two things will determine whether your business will thrive or fail. They include:

  1. Selecting the right product to sell
  2. Drive quality traffic that will convert to the site.

Ecomhunt is a platform that can help you to solve these two critical problems. So what exactly is Ecomhunt, how does it work, what are its features, and what are the benefits?

In this Ecomhunt review, I will discuss everything about this tool to help you make an informed decision.

What is Ecomhunt, and How Does It Work?

EcomHunt review.

Ecomhunt is a dropshipping tool designed to help you find profitable products to sell on your eCommerce shop.

This tool helps you find hot selling products that are highly profitable and on-demand then provide that data to its members. New hot selling products are updated on their website daily.

All products recommended have been thoroughly screened and proven beyond a reasonable doubt to be highly profitable and in demand.

The products are hand-picked by a team of experts who spy on successful eCommerce stores like eBay and Amazon. They analyze the amount of engagement a specific product gets on social media, the number of people searching for the product, and much more.

If they are satisfied that the product meets all the standards they have set, they update it immediately for their members.

Additionally, they also provide crucial data for each product that they list on their website. Some of the data they offer on their website include:

  • Product cost and recommended selling price.
  • Product Analytics: the source of the product, number of reviews, and rating, as well as the number of orders.
  • Engagement: this is the number of comments, shares, likes, and the overall reaction the product has received on social media platforms.
  • EcomHunt will provide you with links to all online stores selling that particular product.
  • Videos of the product
  • Number of online stores selling the product
  • Information on Facebook ads that marketers are using market the product
  • List of potential influencers with a massive following that you can potentially contact to help you sell the product.
  • Facebook Ads copy and audience to target.

Now that you have access to the top-selling products, users can quickly sell the same effect on any e-commerce platform such as Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, etc.

Having gotten access to the hot-selling products, EcomHunt goes further to provide you with the links to the stores that are currently selling this product. You can also spy on the store, filter their best-selling products, and add them to your store.

One right side of this tool is that you’ll also find a 30-day money-back guarantee. You get a 100% refund as long as it has not exceeded 30 days.

Ecomhunt Founder

The brain behind the EcomHunt product research tool is Mordechai Arba, a renowned eCommerce entrepreneur. He currently runs multiple online stores, and they are performing incredibly well.

He used his experience in online marketing and extensive research to create this fantastic website. Mordechai decided to develop this platform after he found out that many eCommerce businesses were failing. He wanted to make it easy for people to start an eCommerce business with a high chance of succeeding.

Ecomhunt Pricing And Membership Plan

Ecomhunt is an affordable tool with many goodies to help you scale your dropshipping business. It has two membership plans which are free membership and Pro membership plan.

ecomhunt pricing

EcomHunt Free Plan

It’s hard today to see any product in the market that offers a free service, but ecomhunt has an open membership plan for customers who can’t afford the Pro plan.

Though the ecomhunt free plan is excellent, it comes with a lot of limitations. You can access a maximum of two products every day and five saved products; updates that are released daily will be made available to the free members after the three days.

EcomHunt Pro Plan

With the pro membership plan, you will have full access to everything Ecomhunt offers, including access to all new products listed plus valuable data about them.

The pro plan costs $29/month, but the company has slashed the price to only $20/month. However, this offer is limited and will end soon.

Ecomhunt Cancel Subscription

For some reason, you may not want to continue with Ecomhunt.

Maybe you’ve come across another better tool than ecomhunt or that you are no longer interested in dropshipping business. You can cancel your subscription anytime.

Once you cancel your subscription, there won’t be any extra charge, no penalties, no additional fee. You can still come back anytime if, by any means, you have the reasons to use the tool again.

To cancel your ecomhunt subscription, go to Profile >> Billing and update it. Alternatively, you can cancel recurring chare from your PayPal account.

EcomHunt Review – The Key Features

This section reviews the best features of ecomhunt that makes it stand out among other dropshipping selling product research tool.

Your success as a drop shipper or an eCommerce store owner is selling products that people are willing to buy. And that’s what ecomhunt is doing for you.

Below are the features that ecomhunt offers to their pro members. It includes:

Selling/Trending Products

Ecomhunt lists the best-selling products on their website every day; getting to know the effect that people are dying to buy and learning how to target your ads to reach this customer will boost your sales and increase your income.

Ecomhunt usually lists best-selling and trending products on their site each day. The reason why most eCommerce businesses fail is because of people selecting products that are not in demand.

When you subscribe to pro membership, you will have access to hundreds of best-selling and trending products.

The data provided will help you know which platform to use to sell the product, market it using Facebook ads, and much more to maximize sales.

Product Profits And Analytics

This incredible feature allows you to know the actual price of buying a particular product from reputable stores like eBay, Amazon, and AliExpress.

Ecomhunt product analytics

It also lets you know the potential profits you will make from selling the product. This feature is essential because it helps you plan on how much to spend on buying the product, how much to spend on ads, and the profits you are likely to make.

You will also access crucial analytics about the product, including how the product is performing on social media, the number of likes, shares, and comments.

Knowing how a product performs social media will help you develop an excellent social media marketing plan.

Additionally, you will have access to the product source link, e.g., Aliexpress; with this, you will further investigate the product before selling it to your store.

Knowing the product source, you can analyze the number of orders, ratings, reviews, and the total votes the products have. This data is enough to conclude if the product will be profitable or not.

Facebook ads and targeting

This Ecomhunt feature also allows you to access Facebook ads that are currently running. As an additional bonus, you will get a video that you can use to run your Facebook Ads or display it on your store to increase customer engagement.

Ecomhunt facebook targeting

It is more like already done research, so you don’t need to stress yourself again. All that it requires to get your Ads converting are made available for you.

Getting exact copy (Ads title and image and description) of the same Ads currently running is essential, especially for beginners who don’t know the in and out of setting a successful Facebook campaign for an e-commerce store.

Suppose you are already an expert when it comes to social media marketing. In that case, this is a bonus for you because you can further optimize the Ads copy provided by ecomhunt and increase your potential success.

But if you are still new to Facebook marketing, go ahead and use the already Ads targeting provided to you by Ecomhunt.

Links To Supplier And Stores Selling the same product

This feature is indeed a great one that will make your works easier. Link to suppliers not only helps you to buy the products quickly, but it also enables you to purchase those products at the best price. It also eliminates the risk of fraud.

This feature is available to ecomhunt pro members, and if you are a free member, you need to upgrade your account to get access to this fantastic feature.

By getting a link to the product supplier on Aliexpress, you can easily reach out to them.

You can also import this product to your shop with the help of Alidropship Plugin if your dropshipping store is running on WordPress, or go ahead and import with over if you are store is running on Shopify.

Additionally, you will see all the stores selling the same product, and you spy on their top-performing products and add them to your store.

Ad Hunter Tool

ecomhunt adhunter

The Ad hunter tool is an exclusive feature from Ecomhunt that allows you to track your competitor’s ads on Facebook.

This tool will help you spy all sponsored ads of a specific product and crucial data on how the ad is performing.

You will get vital insights on ad engagement, including the targeting country, the amount of traffic the ad attacks, the duration of the ad, and much more.

This tool is accessible both for a free membership and pro membership.

Webinar and Tutorials For Beginners

Most people who will be interested in Ecomhunt are newbies who know nothing or very little about dropshipping.

Ecomhunt offers webinars and free tutorials to help beginners avoid making costly mistakes when starting an eCommerce business.

Here, you will get to learn all the tips and tricks about the dropshipping business and what you need to do to make it successful. This feature is only available to pro members.

EcomHunt Review Pros & Cons

Like every other product out there comes with its excellent and less favored sides, EcomHunt has its own Pros and Cons.


  • Facebook ad insight: As an Ecomhunt user, you will access the best-performing Facebook Ads copy. You can duplicate while setting your Facebook Ads campaign.
  • Hot Products: With ecomhunt, you are sure of laying hands on the best-selling products. It helps you with all the heavy lifting that comes with researching to find the best-selling product.
  • Niche Products: Finding products does not stop at finding random selling products across different niches. Ecomhunt helps categorizes each selling product according to its slot.
  • Facebook AdHunter: This is a free chrome extension for both free and pro members. You can use it to specify on tour competitors Ads on Facebook.


  • Free Membership: The open plan has very minimal data to display.

Ecomhunt Alternatives

If you’re not 100% convinced that Ecomhunt is the tool for you, here are some alternatives you can try out.

Some other quality alternatives include:

1. Niche Scrapper:

My number one alternative to EcomHunt is Niche Scraper. It does almost the same Ecomhunt is doing. With Niche scrapper, you can have access to “hand-picked” products daily containing information such as Facebook ad reports, AliExpress reviews & suppliers, descriptions, etc. The things you would need to start selling a product without having to do the research yourself.

One difference between these two tools is that the Niche scrapper is a bit more expensive than Ecomhunt. Niche scrapper costs $47/month, which is high compared to ecomhunt. But with the Niche scrapper discount code, you can slash the price down.

2. Dropship Spy: 

This tool is another alternative to ecomhunt. Dropship spy also gives you access to top trending products and some detail that can help you boost your income with the product.

There are some similarities between these tools and ecomhunt, but there are some features you can’t find on ecomhunt.

Some key features that we found exciting were:

  • Facebook Audience Builder that helps you run ads while targeting potential customers
  • Instagram Influencers for reaching out to an even more extensive social network
  • Engagement Calculator, which gives you accurate, up-to-date numbers about engagement on any specific product

So this tool is quite different from ecomhunt, but all aim at finding the best selling tool.

The downside of this tool is the price; Dropship Spy Does not have any free membership plan. This least plan in this tool starts from $15/month.

3. Pexda

Like every other hunt tool, Pexda aims to provide its user with the best-selling products in the market like Ecomhunt. It has a wide range of product categories like toys, beauty & health, family, and pets.

Pexda, like ecomhunt, has a very user-friendly interface that allows you to navigate freely through the website. New users will not find it challenging to use this tool because it is beginners friendly.

One downside of this tool is that it doesn’t have any free plan. It only has a paid trial of 14 days with an initial payment of $1.95 then $14 for the sequent month.

To enjoy all the features of this tool, you will need to upgrade to their ultimate plan, which costs $99/month.


Ecomhunt provides valuable insights for people who want to venture into the eCommerce business but don’t know where to start. It will not only show you profitable products to sell, but it will also provide valuable insights to help you maximize your sales.

It is free to join this platform; however, to access more features, we recommend becoming a pro member.

The Pro membership plan is still pocket-friendly, and you can choose to cancel the subscription anytime.

Though every tool has its downside, comparing ecomhunt and other competitors, you will believe me when I say that the price is less.

What can you say about this tool? If you have a question, you’d like to ask, please use the comment box below.

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