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SpyFu Review 2024: Best Google Ads Competitor Analysis Tool

Google Adwords competitor analysis tool Spyfu has become a necessity for advertisers. It enables advertisers to analyze the performance of their competitors in Google Adwords and other PPC networks. In this article, I will be giving you the detailed Spyfu Review 2024.

So many reasons exist to analyze your competitors on Google ads. From spying on their campaigns to researching keywords, analyzing your competitors is an important part of any campaign.

Here’s everything you need to know about Spyfu, a Google Ads competitor analysis tool.

What is Spyfu?

SpyFu is a competitor analysis tool for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns. You can enter a competitor’s domain and get access to deep insight and data. Business owners and startups use this tool to monitor the campaign of the authority sites in their industry.

With the help of SpyFu, you can discover the keywords that your competitors are using to rank on Google. You can also see which keywords are most profitable for you, analyze your competitors’ backlinks, find new profitable keywords, plus much more.

Why Should I Use Spyfu?

There are different reasons you should spy on your competitors using the Spyfu competitor analysis tool.

As a small business owner, you probably have to be creative when it comes to marketing your business. That’s why it’s important to use every resource available to get the best results for your efforts.

You may have heard the saying, “Knowledge is power.” You can gain that knowledge through research, whether it’s learning about your customers or analyzing your competitors.

The saying rings true in marketing as well. If you know who your competitors are and what they’re doing, you’ll have a better idea of how to position your own brand in an advantageous way.

SpyFu is an online intelligence platform that helps marketers discover what their competitors are doing and how they’re doing it so that they can outsmart them and increase their sales and revenue.

Other tools such as SEMrush, Keywordspy, and Ahrefs also offer similar services but Spyfu stands out. Spyfu is unique because it specializes in carrying out competitor research on Google Ads.

Its features allow you to explore so much data that other tools may not offer. Keyword research, finding backlink opportunities, and even seminars on how to use the tools are some amazing features Spyfu brings to the table.

If there is any tool that offers great insight into digital advertising, it is Spyfu. This tool’s 15 years of existence means they have enough data from sites that you want to analyze.

Features Of Spyfu Competitor Analysis Tool

The major thing about any analysis tool is its features. Just like every other competitor research tool, Spyfu also brings some unique features to the table. This section will discuss a few of Spyfu’s unique features.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Analysis

Spyfu does not only help with PPC advertisements, they are also very suitable for Search Engine Optimization and keyword research.  With 15 years of data from different websites, Spyfu has useful information on different sites.

This feature allows users to perform effective keyword analysis. Users can also get insights on backlink analysis.

You can run thorough research of keywords using this tool. Spyfu gives data such as top ranking keywords, related keywords, and new ranking keywords. With this data, you can get insights such as the keyword’s cost per click, average search per month, keyword difficulty, and click per month.

Spyfu also shows you the sites that are ranking on the first page of certain keywords. There are other vast data that you can get when using Spyfu as a keyword research tool.

On the other hand, backlink analysis is another efficient use of Spyfu in SEO. Reliable information on the backlinks of your competitors as well as your websites would give you an edge.

Spyfu also has a unique way of grouping the referring domains into different categories. That way, you would know if your competitors are linking to news blogs, education sites, or other types of websites.

Even if you want to know how strong each referring domain is, this tool has the answer. Spyfu may not be better than SEMrush and Ahrefs with backlink analysis but they could do a good job.

So, if you are looking for an efficient SEO tool for keywords and Backlink analysis, Spyfu could be an option.

2. Pay Per Click (PPC) Analysis

There are not many other tools that can compete with Spyfu when it comes to PPC research. The major responsibility of Spyfu is to analyze websites with PPC advertising campaigns. Any user looking for a specialist service on a campaign can easily adopt this tool.

Spyfu offers relevant insight on PPC keywords and ad history. These features make it easier to research your competitors on Google Adwords.

PPC keywords are quite different from the SEO keyword we discussed earlier. However, they both work similarly.

Spyfu’s research on PPC keywords gives you access to paid keywords. Additionally, you get other information on the keywords such as ad timeline, cost per click, average monthly search, ad position, etc.

You can also find similar keywords to the ones your competitors are bidding. These keywords are grouped into categories to make it easier when bidding.

Another aspect of PPC that Spyfu efficiently delivers is Ad history. Is there any tool that can spy on your competitor’s ads like Spyfu? This tool is one of the best in providing information on a website’s paid advertisement.

If you are looking to do competitive research on your competitor’s campaigns, Spyfu does it best. You can get access to data such as the keywords used by your competitors in their campaigns. Information on the top paid advertisements of your rivals is also covered with this feature.

There are lots of insights into PPC advertisements when using Spyfu. Unlike its competitors such as SEMrush and Ahrefs, Spyfu specializes in PPC. That is why it is mostly recommended for this purpose.

3. Track Ranking Keywords

Keeping track of keywords that your competitors are ranking for, is another feature that you can enjoy with Spyfu. The tool updates this data once every week. Although other tools bring more regular updates, Spyfu shows its versatility with this feature.

Spyfu can monitor keywords that are ranking on the first page. Additionally, users also get to know the potential keywords that might do well on rankings. The tracking also makes sure that you get suggestions of keywords that you could optimize.

This feature adds to others things can offer to your content marketing strategy.

4. Competitive Research

Spyfu prioritizes the research of your competitors. From SEO keyword research, Backlink analysis, PPC keyword research, and Ad history, Spyfu shows that it can provide enough data and insight that can help you study your rivals.

The information that Spyfu has is valuable in helping any site. Whether it is for getting SEO analysis or PPC research, this tool could be super-efficient.

Generally, Spyfu keeps track of certain details such as ranking keywords, pages, and sites. This data can be helpful to your competitor analysis on SEO or PPC.

The good thing about this tool is that it helps users with both organic and paid research. Although it best suits the PPC or paid research, you can effectively use the tool for organic research.

Sypfu Pricing Review

If you were worried about the cost of having the features Spyfu brings, you have no problem. They have prices and packages affordable to everyone. Below is a detailed description of how the model works;

1. Basic Package

This package costs around $39 per month. However, you can get this package for $33 per month on the annual plan.

The basic package gives users access to unlimited search results, data exports, and domain overviews.

This package also offers 250 lead sales and domain contacts, up to 5 000 tracked keywords rankings, and 10 000 top list results. All these for $33 per month would be a huge bargain for content marketers.

2. Professional Package

Another package that also offers great value for Spyfu users, you can access it for $79 monthly. If you decide to subscribe to the annual plan, it costs only $58 only.

The professional package also gives you access to unlimited search results, data export, and domain overview.

Additionally, users get 15 000 weekly tracked keyword rankings, 50 000 top list reports, API rows, and custom branded reporting.

This package offers a little more than the Basic package making it suitable for small businesses.

3. Team Plan

The team package costs $299 per month. But if you choose to select the annual plan, you will save $100 and get it for $199 per month.

With this package, you can get access to unlimited search results, data exports, and domain overviews. Additionally, users get over 2000 sale leads and domain contacts, 40 000 weekly tracked keyword ranking, 75,000 top list results, API rows, and custom branded reporting.

The team plan allows users to get a maximum of 5 logins, making it suitable for a company’s team.

Spyfu Pros and Cons

Every tool has its strong sides and shortcomings. Just as it has amazing benefits, Spyfu also comes with some limitations. Here, we will discuss the pros and cons of Spyfu as a digital marketing tool.


The benefits of Spyfu include;

1. Reliable in Domain Searches

Spyfu helps you with searches of all kinds of websites and blog domains.  These searches help you see keywords that people bid for on Google ads, alongside campaign history. You will also get an idea of things such as online lead methods, and organic ranking history.

There is a lot of other data you can access from one domain search on Spyfu. But most importantly, you can get the best in PPC campaigns.

2. Spyfu Offers Tracking Tools

You do not have to think about tracking certain marketing campaigns. This tool helps you update and monitor significant data such as SEO rankings and paid search engines. An advantage of this feature is that Spyfu also monitors these events on search engines like Yahoo and Bing. Spyfu’s management tools are also effective in running any campaign from SEO to PPC.

These attributes of Spyfu assist digital marketers to keep track of relevant data to improve their marketing decisions.

3. Offers Reliable Contact Information

This feature is another aspect where Spyfu helps marketing campaigns of business owners. The tools help you generate leads that open your business to valuable partnerships. Lead generation that results in sales is what every company strives to get. And with Spyfu, this aim can be reached with some relevant pieces of data and insight.

4. Smart Recommendations

Whether it is an SEO campaign or a PPC campaign, businesses all look to make the right decisions in advertising. If you are not sure of what keywords to bid on or where to target, Spyfu makes smart recommendations for you.

The technology works with data from previous successful SEO and PPC campaigns. This data will give you ideas on the keywords and campaigns that you should use.

If not for anything this strategy takes away the guess factor and makes marketing effective.


Everything comes with a limitation and Spyfu is no different. The bad sides of these tools are discussed here below;

1. High Price

The cheapest plan for the Spyfu tool is the basic package. This package costs at least $33 per month and could be expensive for an individual.

Also, startup businesses may not be able to afford the Professional or team package of Spyfu.  This reason, in addition to the fact that Spyfu’s free version might be very efficient, makes it a worry.

2. Might Need Additional Data

The domain search of your competitor sometimes may not be accurate unless you carry out manual research. That is because you might get unrelated keywords and would require manual research to get more accuracy.

3. Limited Coverage

Spyfu’s domain search only covers a selected number of domains. This limitation means that you cannot get data from a wide range of web pages.

Although Spyfu comes with some cons, its features and benefits, especially with PPC campaigns are superior.

So, if you are willing to make an efficient marketing campaign, this tool is always a good option.

How to Sign-Up for Spyfu

Signing up with Spyfu is very easy. The following steps will guide you on how to sign up for any of their account packages;

  • Go to their website at Spyfu.com
  • Click on the ‘signup’ button.
  • Choose from their three packages: Basic, Professional, or Team. (Pricing is above) Note: You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • The next step is to create an account with your Email address and password.
  • Enter your payment details and click on ‘create an account.

After completing these steps, you can now enjoy access to Spyfu’s unlimited features. However, users cannot get access to a free trial.

Best Spyfu Alternatives 2024

Other tools can also give you some analysis and data on SEO and PPC campaigns. Just like Spyfu, they also provide some unique features and benefits to small businesses. This section will be talking about some alternative tools that businesses can use instead of Spyfu;

1. SE Ranking

SE ranking is another tool that can perform analysis on both PPC and SEO competitor research. It also performs these actions to great results. Unlike many other tools, SE ranking is built specifically for competitor research in paid advertisements.

This tool does well to provide users with daily updates and tracking of insightful data. Another good thing about SE ranking is that it comes at a more affordable price than Spyfu. Their cheapest plan is accessible at $23.40 per month.

2. Accuranker

Accuranker comes among the top alternative tools to Spyfu. They are also an interesting software for deep analysis of your competitors. If you are looking to get ranking updates, SEO keywords, or high-performing sites/contents, this tool provides an efficient solution.

This tool is so efficient that it can simultaneously track up to ten of your competitors. But the price could be a big factor. Accurankers’ least plan costs around $109 per month. But you can monitor up to 1 000 keywords with this package.

Their frequent updates mean that you can track your competitors’ performance every 24 hours. If you need an effective alternative to Spyfu, this tool might be your best bet.

3. SEMrush

One of the most popular alternatives to Spyfu is the SEMrush. Although it is great for SEO campaigns, it is also efficient in the PPC analysis of sites.

Some of the best features of this tool include; Keyword tracking, backlink analysis, advertising tracking, social media tracker, and a lot more.

For SEO, one excellent attribute of SEMrush is how it helps you identify your competitors’ loopholes. It gives you room to create unique content and leverage the backlinks your rivals are missing.

Also, if you want to know all your competitors for different search terms, SEMrush provides you with the answers. However, with their pricing starting at $119 per month, only companies with big funds can get access.

4. iSpionage

iSpionage is also an excellent tool for paid advertisement analysis. Just like Spyfu, they offer features that give data on high-performing ads.

This tool can monitor relevant ad campaigns and keywords from your competitors and send you reports. You can use this data to run successful campaigns that have the potential for success.

An SEO campaign is another feature that this tool can efficiently handle. So, whether you aim to run an SEO or PPC campaign, iSpionage is a good option.

A starter plan for iSpionage is $42 per month. Their advanced plan costs $209 per month.

5. Ahrefs

Ahrefs is another popular SEO and paid advertising tool. Their features give users a detailed analysis of marketing campaigns.

This tool offers an amazing organic analysis of your competitors providing high-ranking keyword ideas. You can also know which of your competitors are running paid ads as well as how their campaigns are performing.

These features, in addition to Ahrefs’ backlink analysis, can do a good job for the marketing strategies of businesses.

Ahrefs costs $99 per month for 1 user. Multiple users would lead to a higher price. But yearly subscriptions can attract some discounts.

The tools I have discussed are some of your best options in place of Spyfu. But the question is Which of these tools is best for competitor analysis on paid ads? That brings us to the recommendation section below.


Spyfu is regarded as one of the best tools for paid advertising and PPC campaigns. The data they provide alongside other features makes them suitable for this purpose. The fact that it specializes in PPC campaigns is a bonus. Their pricing is also quite fair for companies and businesses.

SEMrush on the other hand is suitable for organic research of your competitors. Although they have importance in paid ad campaigns, this tool does not match Spyfu in PPC analysis.

iSpionage, Ahrefs, and Accuranker are all great tools but they all fall short in one way or the other.

Ahrefs is quite expensive and does not perform deep research on PPC campaigns. Accuranker is more suitable for organic research. And iSpionage’s full-blown plan is $209 per month.

SE ranking and Spyfu seem like the most suitable tools for competitor analysis on Google ads. However, SEn ranking even comes at a cheaper rate.

All these tools are great for marketing campaigns. However, individuals, companies, and startup businesses can only choose what works best for them.

Final Verdict Om Spyfu Review

Competitor research in today’s marketing strategy has become inevitable. Spying on your rivals is a tactic all companies do.

However, running paid advertising requires more careful monitoring because you spend money on the go. That is why getting data and insight on what works best is essential.

This article has discussed all the features Spyfu offers when analyzing your competitors on paid advertisement campaigns.

So, I believe this review of Spyfu has given you everything you need to know about this competitor analysis tool.

Have any Questions on this topic? Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Section Below.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Is SEMrush better than Spyfu?

SEMrush is more versatile and offers services in other aspects of marketing. But Spyfu focuses on competitor analysis, and this fact gives it an edge when discussing in the sense of ‘competitor analysis tool’.

Can I Use Spyfu for free?

Although Spyfu does not offer a free trial, users can access the tool for free. However, the paid version offers much more accurate insight. To use the tool for free, all you have to do is enter the keyword or the competitor domain on the search bar.

Is Spying on my competitor illegal?

Spying on your competitor using tools such as Spyfu, SEMrush, Ahrefs, and others is not illegal. But the use of an insider in your competitor’s team would make you guilty of industrial espionage.

Who are my competitors?

Your competitors are other companies that offer identical or similar services to yours.

How does Spyfu spy on my competitors?

Spyfu provides users with data of their competitors from 13+ years of information gathered from different websites

So, there you have it! A review of Spyfu; Google ads’ competitor analysis tool. Found this article helpful? Please share it with your friends and families.

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