Tweet Hunter Review: Best Viral Tweet Generator Tool (Promo Code)

Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a strong pillar of every successful digital marketing strategy. Generally, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are well-adopted by digital marketers to push their SMM campaigns. However, Twitter is gradually making its way into the picture with over 350 million potential customers.

Yet, building a massive follower list remains an issue faced by digital marketers. As a result, several platforms have been established to overcome the difficulty of building followers, including one of the popular ones, Tweet Hunter. 

You may have also heard of Tweet Hunter in your bid to establish a presence for your brand or yourself on Twitter.

If you want to consider trying out the company’s services and are still searching for further evidence of its authenticity, your search ends on this page, as we would discuss Tweet Hunter. This review will help you know if the platform is worth the fuss and how you can use it.

Before we go into this post, let’s quickly summarize what it entails.

What Is Tweet Hunter?

Tweet hunter homepage
Tweet hunter homepage

Concisely, Tweet Hunter is a multipurpose platform that assists marketers and creators on Twitter to grow and monetize their audiences. The platform is known to be a growth tool and provides its users with various tools to enable them to harness Twitter to their benefit.

According to Tweet Hunter, it aims to make it easy for any creator to create high-engaging content, help them build an audience around their niches, and monetize such content to enjoy further opportunities. The platform accepts both individual creators and brands seeking to develop and monetize their audiences regardless of their audience size. 

Since we have described what Tweet Hunter is, let’s take a step further by checking out how the platform achieves the defined purpose.

How Does Tweet Hunter Work?

Tweet Hunter utilizes an advanced dedicated Twitter AI engine and other features to help users build and monetize their audiences. The platform assists users in creating high-quality content, posting them at the right time, making good CRM (Customer Relationship Management), and tracking their performances.

However, users must subscribe to monthly account plans to access these features (Free-trial available). The good thing is that you can try out these features at no cost for seven days and request a refund if you are unsatisfied with the result.

Features Of Tweet Hunter

As stated in the antecedent section, Tweet Hunter uses different features to deliver results to its users. However, these features can be classified into five (5) broad areas and will be discussed in the subsequent paragraphs. Features Features

Content Creation Features

Building an audience on Twitter requires providing them with high-quality content through viral tweets and unbeatable offers. That is what Tweet Hunter offers with its Ai-generated content, although it is prone to ostentation.

You can easily utilize the platform’s Ai writer to create amazing content from scratch by rewriting other tweets and generating new ones. Here is a summary of what Tweet Hunter offers with these features:

  • Automated tweet suggestions based on current trends via Ai
  • A library of over two million (2,000,000) viral tweets for users to choose from
  • Ai-generated ready-to-publish tweets
  • Tweet Prediction tool (this helps you to predict the performance of your tweets)
  • Ai-generated thread ideas
  • Tweet rewriter via AI
  • Exclusion tool to remove certain people and keyword
  • Ai-generated Thread Hook
  • Over 4000 professionally tweets across ten categories and niches
  • Tweet sharing and creation tool.

Scheduling And Automation Features

As the name suggests, these features help users to schedule and automate the publishing and response process. The feature ensures users do not miss out on current threads and can activate an auto-responder even when they are offline. Below are the key functions of these features:

  • Scheduling tweets and threads
  • Add-to-queue button
  • Creating and saving drafts (for future use)
  • Interaction-based autoresponder
  • Auto plug: This automatically replies to comments on your best-performing tweets with a link to your product or service
  • Random retweet of your best tweets
  • Thread delay tool to avoid spamming your profile
  • Hide URL preview tool
  • Automatic retweet deletion tool
  • Auto retweet tool

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Twitter CRM Features CRM CRM

The Twitter CRM features allow users to develop good customer relationships and brand awareness. In addition, the features enable users to engage particular followers and with current trends in your niche. Below are the functions of these features:

Lead Finder: This is a new Ai tool that matches you up with potential customers in your niche.

  • Automatic engagement with tweets from particular people and keywords
  • Automatic replies generated by Ai
  • Hide and quote retweets and replies
  • Importation of contact list
  • Developing a Twitter list based on past engagements
  • Sending personal notes to each contact
  • Automatic reply to mentions.

Analytics Features Analytics Analytics

The analytics features simply assist in monitoring and tracking the performance of your tweets. The features will help you through the following:

  • Monitoring key performance metrics
  • Identifying top tweets in terms of engagements, reach, clicks, and generating new followers
  • Tracking daily increase in followers
  • Full analytics on each tweet
  • Sorting tweets by date and performance
  • Rewriting best tweets via Ai
  • Sharing performance with the audience

Extra Features

These are the last features offered by Tweet Hunters and provide additional peaks to the ones discussed above. In addition, they enable users to add multiple Twitter accounts to their Tweet Hunter account, manage these accounts by ghostwriting for each of them, and share a tweet preview link that automatically changes to the real link once the post is published.

Tweet Hunter’s features are obviously sufficient to prove the platform’s reliability. However, we cannot just jump to conclusions and must use a rule of thumb to decide.

The rule of thumb we would adopt is the ratio of pros and cons of Tweet Hunter. Let’s check this out in the next section:

Pros And Cons Of Tweet Hunter


  • Availability of a dedicated Ai Assistant
  • Provision of access to numerous Ai-generated and human-written tweets
  • Provides a complete analytics of tweet performance
  • Easy-to-use autoresponder
  • Provision of automatic scheduling and deletion tool
  • Free trial and money-back guarantee
  • Fully fledged Twitter growth tool
  • It takes lesser time to deliver the result
  • The price is considerably worth the features


  • The price is quite high
  • The cheapest plan has limited features
  • Tweets may be highly plagiarized, which poses a major concern since Twitter is strictly against this.
  • Analytics might be misleading
  • Ai may find it difficult to perform excellently

So, it is clear the advantages of this tool override its disadvantages. However, there are also not enough external user reviews to properly assess the platform.

Pricing Plans Of Tweet Hunter Pricing Pricing

Tweet Hunter has three (3) plans depending on your budget, needs, and follower size. The cheapest plan comes at $49 per month, while the most expensive one comes at $99.  The most affordable plan provides access to all the features we discussed earlier, except the Ai tool.

Considering the features, one can observe that they all need the Ai tool to operate effectively. Therefore, the cheapest plan does not make much sense and appears more as bait to lure people into subscribing to the highest plan.

Nonetheless, we said there are three (3) plans which means you still have the option to choose from. The last package allows you to create a customized plan; therefore, you pay for only what you need. The plan sounds great and, in our opinion, the best for anyone since you can tailor it to suit your needs and budget.

Furthermore, Tweet Hunter offers users a 7-day trial and a 30-day refund policy.  And that means you can use the platform for free for the first seven days of your subscription and request a refund within the next 30 days. So overall, you have 37 days to get your money back if you are unsatisfied with the platform.

This free trial feature is a plus on the platform from us since it presents Tweet Hunter as being reliable, transparent, and putting its users first.

Alternatives to Tweet Hunter

After considering the features of Tweet Hunter, you may not be impressed or curious to see if they are options better than Tweet Hunter. Therefore, we will compare Tweet Hunter and some other top Twitter growth tools to see if it is good enough.

1. Tweet Hunter Vs. Typefully

Typefully and Tweet Hunter are the two biggest Twitter growth tools ranked higher by many review sites. The two platforms are similar in features and performance, but Typefully appears to be some steps ahead of Tweet Hunter.

In the first instance, Typefully is trusted and used by top platforms such as Github, Basecamp, etc., to grow and monetize their audiences. Similar to Tweet Hunter, it also has four (4) broad features summarized as a writing tool, engagement tool, growth tool, and publishing tool.

Unlike Tweet Hunter, Typefully does not yet have an Ai writing tool, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage. It is an advantage because it eliminates the occurrence of potential superficiality, that is, the inability of the Ai to interact as a human perfectly.

Conversely, the time spent creating content will be longer even though it offers a library of suggested tweets and divergent media to help users create high-quality content.

Another feature that made Typefully outrank Tweet Hunter is the capacity to publish users’ threads in a blog post format. Nevertheless, the Tweet Hunter’s Ai tool’s ability is extensive and enough to displace all the features of Typefully, but for its vulnerability to ostentation.

The pricing system of Typefully is also better than that of Tweet Hunter since it operates a freemium pricing system, unlike the completely premium latter. Furthermore, the premium plan of Typefully also comes at only $15 per month, which saves you a lot compared to the $49 starter plan at Tweet Hunter.

Conclusively, both platforms are great and seem to attend to the needs of divergent users. While Typefully is best used by those who need a hand in upgrading the quality of their tweets, Tweet Hunter is aimed at helping you generate the best content even when you cannot write a word.

 Narrow Vs. Tweet Hunter

Narrow is another platform offering a Twitter growth tool that is not a match for Tweet Hunter. The former is best used for targeted marketing and is great for creating brand awareness on Twitter, unlike Tweet Hunter, which can perform all these functions through its Ai and custom features.

While trying to access the official website of Narrow, you will be redirected to another platform named LeadFuze which seems to be the new brand name of Narrow. Although this is not a problem since the platform is presented as lead generation software, we think it does not represent the platform well.

We also noticed the high pricing plans of the platform compared to what Tweet Hunter offers; hence, Tweet Hunter is certainly the best option of the two.

Chirr App Vs. Tweet Hunter

Chirr App is another platform that works like Typefully and offers users a tool to create engaging tweets and automate their Twitter marketing campaign. The platform uses an algorithm to help users get content ideas and operates one of the cheapest pricing systems.

If you do not have a large budget, you can also start for free on Chir App, similar to Typefully. However, Tweet Hunter still outshines the platform in advanced aspects such as engagement effectiveness and writing speed.

You must know that Chir App is best for creating threads and not so good for automating retweets and does not have a library of potential tweets ideas. But on the other hand, the Chir app is not so bad for beginners and quite affordable for everyone.


From the above review, Tweet Hunter is a reliable platform, although not recommended for beginners with a low budget. The platform’s features appear advanced and might require some time to get used to them. That should not be a problem with a free platform, but since Tweet Hunter is a premium platform, you need to reconsider it.

Also, some alternatives are beginner-friendly and offer free plans to get used to them. Nevertheless, Tweet Hunter should be your priority if you search for a fully-fledged Twitter growth tool to take your marketing campaign and presence on Twitter to a whole new dimension.

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