Best Free Text To Speech Software With Natural Voices

10 Best Free Text To Speech Software With Natural Voices

Are you looking for the Best Free Text To Speech Software With Natural Voices in 2024? Well, the search is over!

In this article, I will give you a list of the top 10 best free text-to-speech software online that you can use on both desktop and mobile devices.

If you’re like me, you probably have a bunch of audiobooks in your library. I know I do! I sometimes don’t have time to read all the books I have collected. So, I like to listen to them in audio versions.

Well, if that sounds familiar, then let me tell you about a free online Text-to-Speech generator platform.

What is Speech Software?

As the name suggests, Text Speech software is a tool powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to convert text into natural-sounding speech. This way, you can Listen to your eBooks or any other piece of writing without having to read it yourself.

The best part about this Text-to-Speech software is that some are online and available for free; that is, you can access it with any device. Some even come with additional features like the sound studio to merge and enhance audio results, custom pronunciation, playback speed, etc.

So basically, you can feed any text document to this software, and they will read it aloud!

Text-to-speech apps are a great way to create voiceovers for videos and presentations. They can also be used as educational tools, where students input their texts and hear them spoken back in a voice that sounds like a real person.

  1. Teachers can use this software to help students with reading or learning disabilities.
  2. Students can use them to practice pronunciation while learning a new language or as part of a project such as a narration or presentation where they have to read from prepared notes rather than speaking off the cuff.
  3. Businesses and other organizations can use text-to-speech software for their own presentations, including sales pitches and training videos for employees who aren’t always available (like those working from home).

Text-to-speech generators are pretty cool because they’ve made it easier than ever before to convert texts into speech.

Instead of recording large amounts of voice samples, these tools can now do it all on your computer or mobile device.

So, if you’re looking for an easy way to convert your favourite books into audiobooks without recording them yourself, check out the best 10 texts-to-speech software (TTS) below.

10 Best Free Text-to-Speech Software With Natural Voices

While there may be many free text-to-speech online on today’s market, there are several that stand out from the crowd with natural-sounding voices. Here are the Best free text-to-speech online.

1. | Best Free Text To Speech Software With Natural Voices

Voiceley is one of the Best Free Text-to-Speech Software Online With Natural Voices available today. If you need a text-to-speech converter for various purposes, Voiceley is a handy tool.

This AI-powered software creates over +840 realistic voices across +135 languages & dialects. Whether you want to convert a text to a voice or add a voice to a video sales letter, is an efficient tool.

Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft power Voiceley. They also come with a lot of other unique features. These include;

  1. Over 135+ languages and accents: Voiceley can generate great text-to-speech in over 70 languages and accents using AI-powered software.
  2. Over 840+ realistic voices: You can pick from Voiceley’s library and get access to human-like text-to-speech voices.
  3. Various Audio Formats: Voiceley allows you to generate text-to-audio speech and download it in various formats, including MP3 and WAV.
  4. Voice Effects: The voice effects and customization tools are also fantastic. You can edit the voice by adjusting the speed, volume, pronunciations, pitch, and even the tone of the speech.
  5. Powerful Sound Studio: Voiceley TTS allows you to merge and enhance audio results. You can add background music, sound effects, and more to your recordings. It’s like having a whole studio at your fingertips—and it’s FREE!

The fantastic and efficient features that come in handy with Voiceley make it stand out. Also, it is affordable to purchase.  Its pricing is between $15 and $30.

2. WellSaidLab


WellSaidLabis is an online text-to-speech platform that allows you to create voiceovers for all your digital content in less than a minute.

It’s simple: just copy and paste the text you want to read, upload it, and then pick a voice from WellSaid’s library of over 24 languages. You can even add effects like “echo,” “louder,” or “softer” if you want!

Once you’ve finished editing your voiceover, you can share it on Facebook or Twitter for all to hear.

With WellSaid, you and your team can quickly and easily create voiceovers for all your digital content.


  • Build a phonetic library
  • Export your library to WAV files or MP3s
  • Create a list of words and phrases for easy access
  • Share your phonetic library with your team

WellSaidLab is a platform that connects you with the best live chat agents. The pricing ranges from $49/mo to $199. This pricing is not for everyone. But if you want a more professional and personalized experience, this is the right product for you!


murf ai is another amazing voice-over generator that comes with studio-quality and human-like voices. It is also suitable for use in professional applications. This software offers over 100 unique voices in 15 languages.

They also have an integrated grammar assistant that edits your scripts. can also help you customize videos, audio, and images.

Below are some of the features of this tool;

  • Generates human-like and natural-sounding voice-overs
  • A subscription gives you access to their voice library
  • Online team collaboration

The prices of this tool come at $13, $26, and $83 for the basic professional and enterprise packages, respectively.


play ht is a web-based voice generation software. One of the attributes that make it stand out is its user-friendly interface. This tool is easy to use as you can easily access it on your web page.

On the home page, users can find a textbox where they can fill in their text, language, gender, voice style, and speed. The software then generates a natural voice-over with the details you enter.

With over 500 voices across 60 languages, is undoubtedly one of the best voice-over generator software.

Some of its major features are;

  • Allows users to customize their voices with many options
  • You can also preview the voice styles and the speech style


lovo ai

Lovo AI is a new text-to-speech service that allows you to use your own voice for anything: making an audiobook, creating a voice for your business, or even just recording yourself reading a bedtime story for your kids.

Lovo AI can clone your voice in just minutes, so you don’t have to worry about syncing up audio files or editing them together. Just download the app, record yourself saying something once, and use that recording forever—no more worrying about getting the right recording!

Lovo AI also has a marketplace where you can buy and sell custom voices created by other users. This means you can search for an AI voice that has your exact voice characteristics—or just listen to samples of all the different options available!

If you’re looking for something even more unique than what’s already available on Lovo AI’s marketplace, we offer custom voices made from scratch with our expert team of sound engineers.

You’ll have access to premium voices from top voice actors around the world. And all of this comes at an affordable price: $34.99 USD per month for unlimited conversion and listening, or $49 USD per month for unlimited conversion and listening plus premium voices.


Resemble ai

Resemble AI is the best way to create dynamic, iterable, and unique voices that can be generated in real-time.

With this text-to-speech generator paired with real-time APIs, you can supercharge your AI voice with a deep learning clone of any voice. You can also create new clips and even build voices on the fly.

Resemble AI makes it easy to build production-ready integrations with modern tools. Use Resemble’s Custom Voice API to fetch existing content, create new clips and even build voices on the fly.

This software gives users four options to craft voices. So, you can generate using any of the following ways;

  • API
  • Recording samples
  • Pick from their list of voice over actors
  • Upload raw audio files.

With some of the best features for commercial services like advertisements, costs just $30 per month.

6. Voicebooking

voice booking

Voicebooking is another excellent voice-to-audio software that allows you to customise features. Users can change the voices’ speed and pitch and apply some other amazing effects. A good advantage of this tool is that it offers a free version with a free trial.

Although the free version is fantastic, purchasing the tool has better features. Subscribing gives users access to over 300 voices across 60 languages.

Pricing varies depending on the packages or voice-over generation. You can find their voice-over rates here.


Are you a Youtube video creator? Then this video is suitable for you. Voiceovermaker is another fantastic software that can help you perform different voice generation tasks, from video editing to TTS (text-to-speech).

This software also allows you to edit a video if you want to use the voice-over. Additionally, you can get about 600 human-like voices across 30 languages and accents.

Although their paid versions offer more features, the free plan is also handy for text-to-speech.

8. Text2voice Over

Text2voice Over

Text2voiceover is a great software that helps you convert text into audio files automatically. You can edit and download the file clips even with a free plan.

Generating a voice over with this software is one of the easiest, as you can generate voice-over files individually. However, the paid version can offer features such as merging and editing the voices into videos.

With as low as $3, you can enjoy full access to Text2voiceover.  And this feature includes 15 voices across 13 languages.

9. Natural Reader

Natural Reader Online

Natural Reader Online is among the best and most simple voice-over tools. It is available on your chrome extension to access the software on a webpage.

This tool is also affordable as it provides users with a free plan. Although the paid version gives you complete access to their features, the free one has some limitations.

100 voices in 16 languages are certainly a good number many users would want to utilize. So, you can explore the different pricing and packages they offer.

The use of voice-over generators cannot be overemphasized. The voice-over generators we have discussed reveal this software with various features. There is another handy voice over software that you can explore, but these are some of the best.

Why Should I Use a Text To Speech?

Although people with disabilities mostly use this software, businesses now leverage it for various purposes.

Voice-over software can help you create content ideas with hundreds of libraries.

An AI voice-over generator also eases the time, money, and stress of finding voice-over actors. One of the amazing features of this technology is how fast it can execute the TTS action.

So, it is essential for various reasons why using a voice-over generator is a valuable decision.


Voice-over software has become very popular in the last few years. The versatility of the tools for different purposes has led to different software being built to carry out similar activities. These tools have found their way into helping advertisers, YouTube content creators, and e-learning platforms.

The list in this article contains some of the best voice-over generators you could have today. Voiceley, the number one on the list, is unique software you should not overlook. Powered by AI, it supports the best voices on Google, IBM, Amazon, and Microsoft. Other software on this list also comes in handy with its unique features and pricing.

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